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Portable Power Banks and Accessories

We are able to navigate and capture moments easier nowadays thanks to technology; however, this can be tricky if your mobile phone, camera or handheld GPS device runs out of juice. Careful planning is usually necessary to ensure devices have power so you are contactable in an emergency or able to use GPS navigation systems miles away from civilisation.

Snooper’s range of portable power solutions are specifically designed for those people who enjoy being on the go, whether you want to capture that spectacular view, keep in touch with loved ones while exploring the great outdoors or simply understand where you’re heading on a hike. Our lightweight, easy-to-use portable power units can ensure your devices are charged and ready to go.

All of our portable power units, including environmentally-friendly solar panels and quick-charging power banks, are designed to fit around your lifestyle and demands and can withstand the rigours of harsh weather and outdoor activity.

Enjoy your outdoor adventure for longer with a dependable portable power source. For information on our portable power solutions, click on the specific product below.

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