Car Sat Navs

Car Sat Navs

Our car sat navs aren't like your traditional car sat navs, and arrive to you as a car entertainment system, and covers your everyday navigation needs all the way through to radio, audio input playback, video & much, much more. Browse our range of next-level car sat navs today - you won't be disappointed.
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Snooper SMH-580VW 8" VW OEM Fit Navigation Upgrade
Save 24%
Snooper SMH-550DAB Multimedia Player with 10.1" Floating Screen and Advanced Smartphone Control
Save 35%
Snooper SMH-520DAB 7" Mechless Multimedia Receiver with Advanced Smartphone Control

Car Sat Nav FAQs

It's recommended to use the sat nav outdoors to ensure it can properly receive GPS signals. This initial setup may take between 5 to 30 minutes. Also, read the user manual carefully for guidance on settings and usage​.

If the device freezes, look for a "Reset" button on the back of the device and press and hold it to reset the device​.

Try charging the device fully with a car charger, then reset it. If there's still no response, contact customer support, here.

Consider the distance you'll be traveling, the type of vehicle you have, your entertainment needs, and your priority on safety features. For detailed advice tailored to your specific requirements, we recommend getting in touch with us, here.