Truck & Lorry Sat Navs

Truck & Lorry Sat Navs

Explore our premium range of Lorry & Truck Sat Navs, meticulously designed with truckers in mind to meet the dynamic needs of the modern trucking industry. Our truck sat navs go beyond traditional navigation, offering features tailored for the professional driver, including custom routing based on vehicle size and weight, real-time traffic updates, and essential POIs like fuel stations and rest areas. With up-to-date maps and user-friendly interfaces, our sat navs ensure you stay on the most efficient and safe routes, saving time and fuel.
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Truckmate SD Card Map Update
S6900 Truckmate-Pro HGV Navigation System with 7" Widescreen LCD
SC5900 Truckmate-Plus DVR G2 HGV Navigation System with HD Dash Cam
S5100 Truckmate-Plus HGV Navigation System
S5100 Truckmate Bridge-Saver-Plus Low Bridge Alert System with 5" LCD Touchscreen

Lorry & Truck Sat Nav FAQs

A truck sat nav is a satellite navigation device specifically designed for use in the trucking industry. It takes into account truck-specific factors such as vehicle size, weight limits, hazardous material restrictions, and route preferences to provide optimised navigation and routing for trucks.

Unlike standard car GPS systems, truck sat navs offer features tailored to the trucking industry. These include routing that considers truck dimensions and weight, restricted road warnings, truck-specific points of interest (POIs) like weigh stations and truck stops, and the ability to customise routes based on the cargo being transported.

When choosing a truck sat nav, consider factors such as the size and clarity of the display, map and update availability, routing features, compatibility with your truck's dimensions, and any additional features like Bluetooth connectivity, traffic updates, and built-in dash cams, just like the Snooper SC5900.

While truck sat navs are legal and generally encouraged in most areas, some regions may have restrictions on windshield mounts or the use of electronic devices while driving. It's important to check local laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

Many truck sat navs offer maps and routing information for multiple countries, making them suitable for international trips. However, ensure that your device includes maps for the countries you plan to visit and that it accounts for international road regulations and restrictions.