Our Top 7 Campervan Gadgets For Your Getaways

Our Top 7 Campervan Gadgets For Your Getaways

Whether you're a newbie traveller or a seasoned veteran of a good old escapade around your favourite destination (we personally have a bit of a thing for Scotland!), there's one thing we all appreciate; our campervan gadgets.

"But what are the best campervan gadgets and where can I find them?"

Well, we've created this article so that we do all the hard work in finding the top 7 campervan gadgets we think you need for your mini break away; and we've even provided links to where you can purchase them.

1. COSORI Air Fryer Lite 3.8L

Amazon: (https://www.amazon.co.uk/COSORI-Exclusive-Functions-Portions-Dishwasher/dp/B09Z6X261D)

Who doesn't love a good air fryer?! After the COVID boom of home cooking, air fryers are all the rage and we think a compact air fryer is perfect for that getaway in your campervan. Space saving and practicality at it's finest, there really is no other option than the COSORI Air Fryer Lite, which also won the 2023 IF Design Award.


  • Capable of roughly 500g worth of food in it's basket
  • Small enough to stow away and use when required
  • Brilliant matte finish


  • Wouldn't be able to feed more than 2 in a single sitting
  • Accessories aren't included

2. Jackery Explorer 1500 Pro Portable Power Station

Amazon: (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Jackery-Explorer-Portable-Charging-Emergency/dp/B0BQMV7G6T

As a multi-purpose power source, the Jackery Explorer 1500 Pro Portable Power Station is the perfect partner in ensuring you've always got electricity when on the road. With a whopping 1512Wh storage capacity, you can run a TV for 17 & a half hours straight, or keep your lamp on for 115 hours. With the option to affix solar panels to the power station, with just 1 solar panel you can charge the power station back up to full in 9 & a half hours - but with 6 solar panels it only takes 2 hours!


  • Potential of running your entirety of electronics off this single power station
  • Small enough to stow away and when in use can be stored out the way
  • Modern design & safety features


  • A little bit on the expensive side, especially with solar panels
  • There are cheaper alternatives out there

3. AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker

Amazon: (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Aerobie-AeroPress-A80-Coffee-Maker/dp/B000GXZ2GS)

As far as a cold brew coffee press goes, the AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Maker stands out from the crowd entirely. Producing what can only be described as the farthest thing from your average Joe, it can make the perfect coffee in just 2 minutes - perfect for those brisk mornings whilst camping!


  • Makes the perfect, non-bitter coffee with low acidity
  • Small enough to take away with you & store safely
  • Cleans in seconds 


  • The AeroPress only produces cold water coffee - kettle required!
  • Limited to 1-3 cups per press, dependant on strength you prefer

4. Snooper SC5900 Ventura Plus Sat Nav with Built-in Dash Cam

Snooper: (https://gb.snooper.eu/products/ventura-sc5900-dvr-g2-caravan-motorhome-navigation-with-gps-hd-dash-cam)

As a market leader in specialised technology for vehicles (not just cars!), we produced a Sat Nav called the Ventura, tailored around camping enthusiasts. What this means is the profiles programmed in the Sat Nav are focused around the speed limitations and height restrictions for campervans, which will then filter out routes based on those limitations and restrictions, and also includes locations of over 24,000 camping grounds! 

This is also a dual unit as it has a built-in dash cam, recording in HD (1080p), ensuring your campervan is safe when navigating the roads for your weekend away. With loop recording and other features you can rest assured knowing the built-in dash cam acts as your co-pilot every. single. journey.


  • Dual unit (Sat Nav & Dash Cam)
  • Allows you to take from vehicle to vehicle, with different vehicle profiles
  • Market-leading mapping, ensuring the maps are the latest available


5. Gtech Multi MK2 K9 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Amazon: (https://www.amazon.co.uk/Gtech-ATF011-Cordless-Handheld-Cleaner/dp/B071152J3S)

 A clean campervan is a clean mind,, & there's no better way of cleaning than using one of the most powerful and efficient handheld vacuum cleaners beknown to the market! The Gtech brand is one renowned for it's quality and reliance, and this resonates throughout their products. With a 20-minute runtime, you've got more than enough to completely gut your campervan and make it spotless.


  • LED display to display key information
  • Range of versatile attachments included
  • Scented filter ensures once hoovered, the scent doesn't flow back into the surface


  • A little bit pricey for a handheld vacuum

6. ZTE MF920 Wireless Router & Hotspot

Amazon: (https://www.amazon.co.uk/ZTE-MF920U-Travel-Hotspot-SMARTY/dp/B08CZYM51X)

We all need connectivity, don't we? Even when we're off-grid, we still want some connectivity, how else are you going to show your amazing scenery snaps on Instagram? With the ZTE MF920 Wireless Router & Hotspot, you can accomplish that, as well as providing connectivity for anyone else you're with.


  • Connects up to 32 devices
  • Pocket-sized for convenience 
  • 2000mAh battery capacity (roughly 8 hours run time)


  • Free SIM card included may not be the best provider available

7. Snooper SMH-580VW

Snooper: (https://gb.snooper.eu/products/snooper-smh-580vw-8-vw-oem-fit-navigation-upgrade)

Music. A thing of beauty. Combine that with radio, video & call handling, and it really becomes a masterpiece. This all-in-one head unit is perfect for most campervans, and gives your interior that modern, clean look about it. Perfect as an entertainment hub off the road too, this head unit truly gives you an immersive experience.


  • Smartphone integration
  • 8" capacitive touch screen 
  • Online & offline features


  • May be pricier than basic, non-touchscreen head unit options

Snooper's Conclusion

We've included our choice of camping companions to ensure an easier life when out and about - and even going off-grid. As we head into the future, more and more products will surface in the outdoors & camping sector - and you can be sure that we will update you on these new advancements.