Bus & Coach Sat Navs

Bus & Coach Sat Navs

Navigate with confidence and precision with our top-tier Bus & Coach Sat Navs, tailored specifically for the professional needs of large vehicle operators. Our selection promises to deliver not only reliable and up-to-date routing but also features customized to the unique dimensions and requirements of buses and coaches. From avoiding low bridges and narrow roads to providing real-time traffic updates and essential points of interest for commercial drivers, our sat navs are designed to ensure safe, efficient, and stress-free journeys.
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S6900 Bus & Coach-Pro with Active Magnetic Mount
Bus and Coach SD Card Map Update
SC5900 Bus & Coach-Plus DVR G2 Navigation System with GPS, HD Dash Cam

Bus & Coach Sat Nav FAQs

A bus and coach sat nav is a specialised navigation device or software tailored for the unique requirements of buses and coaches. It considers factors such as vehicle size, weight, height, and route restrictions to provide optimised navigation that ensures safe and efficient travel on suitable roads.

Unlike standard GPS systems designed for cars, bus and coach sat navs offer advanced features like custom routing for large vehicles, warnings for low bridges, weight-restricted roads, and narrow routes, as well as specialised points of interest such as bus depots and suitable rest stops.

Key features to consider include a large, clear display, live traffic updates, customisable vehicle profiles to input your bus or coach dimensions, route recording, and points of interest relevant to commercial driving. Additional features might include multi-stop route planning and hands-free operation for safer driving.

When setting up your device, ensure you accurately input your vehicle's dimensions, including height, width, length, and weight. The sat nav uses this information to calculate routes that are suitable for your vehicle's size, avoiding routes with restrictions that could pose a challenge.

Here at Snooper, we sell updates via SD Card, which can be found here. Regular updates are crucial for maintaining the accuracy and reliability of your sat nav.