What are SPECs?

Now one of the most effective speed cameras on UK roads. The SPECs is a simple, average speed camera (although with complex data resoursces!) that is really maintaining speed limits wherever installed. 

SPECs average speed cameras have increased in popularity for monitoring and enforcing speeding since their first installations over ten years ago. There are now a few permanent installations covering a short distance of only 2 sets of cameras to almost 100 miles with many cameras (A9 in Scotland). Commonly now though, SPECs average speed cameras are temporarily installed to reduce speeds during motorway roadworks often before new Smart Motorways are introduced.SPECs

SPECs simply uses ‘point to point’ to catch speeding motorists. The cameras have no film or local video storage but all footage is sent to a central location where ANPR software calculates the average speed of a vehicle between two or more cameras, and if needed prosecution will ensue. Multiple cameras on overhead gantries/posts allow all vehicles in all lanes to be monitored.

SPECs 1 

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