Expert Tips for New Drivers

We’ve compiled some of our top tips for people who have recently passed their driving test to make them feel more confident and comfortable on the road.

Passing your driving test is an exciting milestone to reach, but it is to be expected that new drivers will be nervous about taking to the road after they have gained their licence.

Newly qualified drivers will never have driven without their instructor and will most likely be used to driving without the distraction of the radio or music, which can make some of them feel uneasy. New drivers must also be extra vigilant, as if they get more than six points in their first two years of driving, their licence will be cancelled.

We’ve compiled some of our top tips for people who have recently passed their driving test to make them feel more confident and comfortable on the road.

Practice makes perfect

The most important thing to remember is that new drivers cannot expect to be perfect straight after passing their test. Many people say that you continue to learn for around a year after passing your test, depending on how regularly you drive.

It is an option to use green P plates if you would feel more comfortable letting other drivers know that you have only recently passed your test. It is not compulsory that they are used, but some people choose to use them to encourage other drivers to be more patient, as they would be with a driver using L plates.

Invest in protection

One of the biggest worries for any driver, not just those who are new, is that they will be involved in a road accident. Although drivers are in control of how safely they personally drive, they are not in control of others and it is therefore wise to invest in dash camera to provide an extra level of security should you be involved in an accident.

Although having a dash camera will not prevent accidents, it can provide you with valuable evidence if you have to make an insurance claim. There are a wide range of devices available with a number of different functionalities, although most of them start to record automatically when the engine ignites - so you don’t have to worry about turning the camera on to ensure it is recording. Take a look at the Snooper range here.

Driving on the motorway

It is understandable why driving on the motorway might be daunting for new drivers, as they will not previously have done so and the speed limit is significantly higher than other roads.

To build confidence, new drivers can take a Pass Plus course with a driving instructor who will take them on the motorway. There is no formal test at the end of this course, but having a Pass Plus certificate can sometimes help to reduce insurance premiums.

Get to know the road

Using a satellite navigation device can really help new drivers get to know roads they may not have driven on before, learn which turns to take, and gain a working knowledge of any upcoming speed traps.

As with dash cameras, different sat nav devices offer different functionalities but one functionality that is best suited to new drivers is lane and junction guidance. The function gives advance warning of what lane to get in, which can be one of the most confusing aspects of driving for those who are less experienced.

Take a look at the Snooper range of car sat navs here and speed camera locators here.

Passing your driving test is an exciting accomplishment and although there is still a lot to pay attention to and learn after gaining your licence, driving should also be enjoyed as much as possible.