Snooper Ventura Sat Navs & Driving Assistance Technology

Taking your caravan or motorhome on holiday is supposed to help you escape from the stresses and strains of modern life, but getting there can be a hassle. The extra length and weight of your vehicle can make it tricky to navigate roads.

Snooper’s Ventura range of satellite navigation devices, tyre pressure monitoring systems and reversing cameras will help you get to your destination with ease by helping you tackle obstructions including low-weight bearing and narrow roads. We also have technologies designed to make your caravan holiday easier, including solar panels and portable power.

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Snooper has pioneered routing software specifically tailored for motorhomes and caravans to ensure drivers stay safe while avoiding unsuitable roads, tight turns and other hazards that can waste time and money, and cause stress. The Ventura range of satellite navigation products are reliable, high performing and utilise the latest technology.

Devices boast street-level mapping from HERE Maps that provides up-to-date information on routes and points of interest for those travelling through unfamiliar territory. Other features include:

Adjustable map text

Increase the size that road names and numbers are displayed on screen, making

them easier to read for safer navigation.

Audio options

The S6810 and S8110 are fitted with a three-watt audio speaker that is loud enough to be heard above noise made by the family. Also, there is a built-in FM transmitter on these devices to connect your device to the in-vehicle audio system.

Bluetooth capabilities

Ensure you stay on the right side of the law with Bluetooth handsfree technology in our Ventura SC5900 DVR, S6810, S6900, S8110 and AVN S9020 devices.

Car navigation

When you’re not towing a caravan, you can use your Ventura device as your car’s sat nav by simply switching to car mode.

Customised routing

Choose between the quickest or shortest routes available - and even set routes to avoid toll roads and motorways - will help improve fuel consumption and improve cost effectiveness.

Enhanced options

Additional features include tyre pressure monitoring system compatibility, built-in HD dash cameras and built-in digital televisions.

Free operating software updates

Keep your device up to date with free software updates.

Junction view

Navigate junctions safely with clear instructions from your sat nav device.

LCD touchscreen

The LCD touchscreen on all devices provides clear and easy-to-read navigation. The S6810, S6900 and S8110 have a larger seven-inch screen for improved screen resolution.

Lane guidance

Receive advance notice of which lanes to use when approaching junctions.

Multiple vehicle dimensions

Store up to 10 different vehicle profiles to make it easier to switch between vehicle sizes and weights.

Navigate by junction number

Simply enter the motorway junction to navigate a suitable route to the destination.

Points of interest display

Choose to have all or selected points of interest appear on your route should you need to make a stop while travelling. This includes Air1® AdBlue Retail Station points of interest.

Route creation

Create and save your own bespoke routes using the map view to select the roads you would like to travel on. Also, search road by road to build a tailored route.

Route timer

Set the maximum allowed driving time to notify you when you need to take a break.

Setting for Low Emission Zones (LEZs)

Make sure you’re not caught out in low emission areas with a Ventura sat nav. Devices will plot routes to avoid LEZs when your emissions are over a set level.    

Speed limit notifications

Receive notifications on speed limits on roads across Europe to ensure you stay within the recommended speed limit. Set up an alert for whenever you exceed the speed limit to ensure your driving licence is kept clean.

About Snooper Ventura

Ventura provides the best routes for caravan and motorhomes. The brand has produced the first-ever dedicated caravan and motorhome satellite navigation devices that boast extras, including built-in driver vehicle recorders (DVR), DAB radios and digital TV.

Ventura sat navs allow users to input the size and weight of the vehicle or towing set up to find safe, practical routes, which avoid unsuitable height, width and weight restrictions.

In addition to finding the most suitable routes for caravans and motorhomes, Ventura devices include unique content on over 24,000 campsites across 31 countries, as well as places to stop, eat and shop, so you can plan your journey without any unnecessary diversions.

Get in touch

To find out more about the Snooper Ventura range, contact the team on +44 (0)1928 579 579 or fill out an online enquiry form.

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