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Since 1979, we have been providing cutting-edge automotive electronics designed to make journeys safer and stress-free for drivers. We are always looking for new technology to assist road users with our current range including vehicle-specific satellite navigation, dash cams, safety camera location devices, tyre pressure monitoring systems and reversing cameras.

Our products are suitable for all kinds of budgets, so if you’re looking for the most economical route to a destination, wanting to protect yourself from insurance claims, or increase your tyre lifespan, we’re sure to have what you need.

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Satellite navigation systems
Our experience and knowledge of GPS devices helped to create the latest range of award-winning Snooper in-vehicle satellite navigation systems.

Devices in this range include:

  • S2700
  • SC5900 DVR
  • S6900
  • S8110
  • AVN S9020

All of our navigation devices include the very best vehicle-specific street-level mapping system from Here Maps for Life, as well as incorporating speed limit information to ensure you’re not caught out by unexpected speed limit changes on your journey. European lifetime mapping is included but may not be transferred to another person or device.

Drivers will also benefit from a range of advanced features for a safer driving experience, including lane guidance assistance, speed alerts and speed camera detection provided by Snooper’s verified AURA database (subject to subscription).

Speed camera locators
Snooper has always been at the forefront of speed trap location and blackspot location devices covering the UK and Europe. Continually developing state-of-the-art technology, we have combined GPS, radar and laser protection from all types of ‘fixed’ and ‘mobile laser’ speed cameras, including Gatso, Truvelo, SPECs, HADECs and Watchman, as well as speed laser guns and mobile camera vans.

Products in this range include:

  • My Speed XL
  • My Speed DVR
  • 4Zero Elite BT
  • DVR-4HD
  • DVR-5HD


Speed limit information
Our My Speed products incorporate Here speed limit information, ensuring you’re not caught out by unexpected speed limit changes on your journey.

Automatically reduce the volume of the alert after a few seconds.

Alerts are speed limit specific, giving more advance warning for faster roads.

Warnings for your side of the carriageway only.

AURA database updates
Download the latest speed camera information at your leisure - subject to subscription.

Products with radar and laser detection are only suitable for certain territories, so please check local laws before use.

Dash cameras
Dash cameras (or drive vehicle recorders) are fast becoming an essential tool to have in any vehicle, whether a car, van, motorhome or truck, and continuously record footage of any journey you take. If you run into trouble or are involved in an accident, you’ll have first-hand evidence of any driving misdemeanours.

Designed for commercial and domestic use, our collection of dash cams and accessories from Snooper offer peace of mind to drivers of any budget. Features include three-axis G-sensor, GPS, WiFi, speed camera information, HD recording and SD cards.

Dash cams have been known to significantly improve driver behaviour, reduce the risk of false insurance claims and improve road safety.

Products in this range include:

  • DVR-WF1
  • DVR-4HD
  • DVR-5HD
  • SC5900 DVR

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To find out more about the Snooper range, contact the team on +44 (0)1928 579 579 or fill out an online enquiry form.

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