What is a SpeedCurb?

One of the lesser known speed camera units within the UK. SpeedCurb cameras can be used for speeding and/or traffic light offences. often on a much higher 'pole' than Gatso or Truvelo type cameras.

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SpeedCurb is a fixed speed camera and/or traffic light camera, though it is most commonly used to monitor and record speeding motorists. Predominantly SpeedCurb locations are single camera installations - monitoring one lane or direction of traffic, but there can also twin head SpeedCurb on a single post. These twin camera installations are normally in the centre of a dual carriageway or motorway and can see up to four lanes.


Similar to the Gatso camera, SpeedCurb is rear facing, photographing the rear of vehicles. But more like Truvelo cameras SpeedCurb use Piezo strips embedded into road surfaces. Secondary evidence is gained by multiple photos of offending vehicles that are compared using visible markings on the road.

SpeedCurb 1

SpeedCurb use digital cameras and send data direct to an operations centre so, in theory, never need any maintenance. 

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