What are HADECS Cameras?

A Speed camera that many people have never heard of will become a very effective tool for the speed control authorities. We give you, the HADECs 3!

HADECS 3 (Highways Agency Digital Enforcement Camera System) are radar based speed cameras that are, at present, used on Smart Motorways with Variable speed limits. The cameras are located on the near side of the road approximately half way up a gantry post. These cameras are often very hard to spot due to their size lack of bright colouring, The HADECS 3 cameras can monitor all lanes and are linked to a central computing system which is adjusts the settings depending on the speed limit changes on the motorway.HADECS 3 1

When the speed limit boards on the gantries above each lane change, in turn so do the camera settings. When a vehicle is speeding 2 photographs are taken (to allow manual checks if necessary) then the high quality imaging allows software to identify the vehicle specifics and issue an Intended Notice of Prosecution.HADECS 3 2

There are a few Smart Motorways in operation, with more in construction and more planned. It is inevitable that these camera will become more and more prevalent in the fight against speeding motorists.

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