Tips for Keeping Safe with a Walkie Talkie

We share some top tips so you can make the most of your walkie talkies and keep safe.

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In a previous Snooper blog post, we explained the benefits of using walkie talkies to keep your children safe and what to look for when buying a set - if you missed out, you can read the blog post here. In this post, we’ll share some top tips with you so you can make the most of your walkie talkies and keep safe.

Establish a pattern

Determine with your group what channel you will be using and how often you’ll check in with each other. If you’ve established set call-in times, you will be able to turn off the radio when not in use to preserve battery life.

Communication off the beaten track

As wifi coverage has expanded, mobile phones have largely replaced walkie talkies when it comes to communicating while in the great outdoors. But if you stray too far, you might end up with no phone or data coverage, which isn’t a problem if you have a walkie talkie on hand.

Help in a tricky moment

Should you find yourself or your group in danger without the use of your hands, walkie talkies have voice-activated transmission allowing you to send out a message without pressing a button.

A multi-tasking tool

Both the walkie talkie and torch are vital tools for exploration, but can weigh your pack down. Rather than sacrifice one for the other, many two-way radio models have a built-in LED flashlight to illuminate your way should you find yourself on a hike at night. Plus, that additional carry weight can be used for spare batteries to keep your walkie talkie powered up.