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Spare Sensors SP28 for STP188 & STP1800

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A pair of spare sensors for your Snooper tyre pressure monitoring system.

  • Only compatible with the Snooper STP188 and STP1800 TPMS
  • SP28, 188 PSI
  • Each order comes with two sensors
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    Full Description

    These spare SP28 sensors are designed exclusively for use with the STP188 and STP1800 tyre pressure monitoring systems. The devices attach to your tyres and wirelessly transmit tyre pressure data back to the TPMS, making it easier to monitor the performance and condition of each tyre separately.

    Each order comes with two sensors, capable of measuring up to 188 pounds per square inch (PSI), and able to withstand the rigours of long-distance travel and adverse weather conditions.



    Spare Sensors SP28 for STP188 & STP1800

    Operational Temperature


    Storage Temperature


    Pressure Range

    0-13Bar, 0-188PSI

    Pressure Accuracy

    ±1.5PSI (0.1Bar)

    Temperature Accuracy


    Transmission Power




    Battery Life

    1~2years (CR1632)




    21mm x 21mm (without anti-theft housing),

    28mm x 24mm (with anti-theft housing)

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