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Trade-in, Trade up! As always we wish to keep our customers up to date, so why not Trade-in your older product for an updated Snooper model?

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    Make sure you add your new product to your basket as well as the Trade-in.

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    Trade-in, Trade up!

    We are always keen to keep a loyal customer, as well as gain a new one. We are more than happy for you to Trade-in your older product for one of our latest Snooper models. 

    Please see below details on how our Trade-in program works.

    How do I Trade-in?

    • Check that your Trade-in product is eligible to be traded (see below product list).
    • Check that the New product can be traded against (see below product list).
    • Click [Buy Now] to put the Trade-in into your basket as well as the new product.
    • Click [Buy Now] to purchase your new product.
    • When your new product arrives, fill out and sign the Trade-in agreement. Send this Agreement with your Trade-in unit with accessories to us.
    • We will review your Trade-in and issue your refund.

    Can I have my old product back if I get a refund?

    If you return your new product at any point, you will not get the product you traded-in back.

    How and when will I get my money back?

    The trade-in amount will be paid online to the original credit/debit card used on the product order.

    I have more than one product to Trade-in, can I use both on one new product?

    No. The trade-in is strictly one Trade-in unit to one new product order.

    Can I Trade-in and use a promotion code or other discount?

    No, the Trade-in cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion, bundle, discount, rebate, coupon, voucher code or price match.

    What product can I Trade-in?

    A Product of the same category; i.e. Navigation, speed camera alert, Dash Cam. See below eligibility chart.

    My old item is faulty, can I still trade it in?

    Yes! The product you’re trading in does not need to be in working order(see different trade-in values in table).

    What do I need to Trade-in?

    The product you’re trading in needs to be complete with any SD cards (mapping & Dash Cam) Vehicle power supply & windscreen bracket to qualify.

    I am a trade customer; can I still trade a unit in?

    No. This promotion is for retail customers only.

    My Trade-in product is second hand, can I still Trade-in?

    Yes, but you must confirm that you are the owner of the Device.

    New Products that are eligible for the Trade-in program:




    Trade-in price*

    Working Unit

    Trade-in price*

    None Working Unit

    Truckmate Navigation S6900 
    SC5900 DVR G2
    Ventura Navigation S6900 
    SC5900 DVR G2 
    Syrius Navigation SC5900 DVR G2 £299.99 £254.99 £269.99
    Speed Camera Alert Systems

    My Speed XL 
    My Speed DVR G3

    Dash Cams  DVR-PRO 
    DVR-5HD (G3) 
    DVR-4HD (G3) 

    Ensure you add this item to your basket before checkout, this will send the agreement & return details for your Trade-in with your new unit.

    * This is the lowest Net cost after all discounts & Trade-in allowance have been applied.

    Trade-ins are at the discretion of management


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