Snooper My-Speed XL. Speed limits and Speed camera alerts

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Make sure you don’t fall foul of the speed limit.

  • 4.3” LCD colour screen
  • Monitors speed limits across the world
  • Free software updates
  • Suitable for all vehicles
  • Includes windscreen bracket and in-vehicle charger

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Full Description


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Snooper My-Speed XL - displays and alerts you to speed limits and changes in speed limits throughout Western Europe! Plus, incorporates Snooper's Award winning GPS speed trap detection technology supplied by AURA™. With FREE speed camera updates. The My-Speed XL software will display the speed limit of the road you’re travelling, plus your current speed in large format. This aids drivers to quickly see the speed limit and their current speed, protecting their driving licence and keeping them free from hefty fines.


Snooper My-Speed XL a driver aid to stand alongside the current range which includes; 4Zero Elite, iRadar, DVR-4HD, DVR-5HD, My Speed Plus and My-Speed Connect.

Have you ever been driving along, confused as to what the speed limit is, unsure whether you are in a 30mph or a 40mph zone?  You frantically scan the side of the road as you drive but can’t see a speed limit sign anywhere? My-Speed XL has the answer!

Inappropriate speed is often responsible for many road accidents resulting in serious injuries which sometimes can even be fatal. My-Speed XL will ensure that you know what the speed limit is on every road you travel on so you can drive safely at all times.

Using the very latest GPS technology and the most comprehensive database of speed limits in Europe provided by Here® they will also supply FREE LIFETIME speed limit updates, this amazing device will alert you continually to the speed limit of the road you are travelling on. If the speed limit changes on the road you are travelling on, My-Speed XL can be set to alert you both visually and audibly so you never find yourself inadvertently driving at the wrong speed.

Users can tailor their alerts using ‘Smart Mute’, ‘Auto Mute’ or ‘Over Speed Warnings’

Comes pre-loaded with speed limits covering roads across Western Europe.

Drive Safely with My-Speed XL
Snooper My-Speed XL will alert you the moment you exceed the speed limit. Two different attention grabbing displays are shown depending on whether you are driving above or below the speed limit.

myspeed feat1              myspeed feat2

My-Speed's green 'safe alert' clearly indicates you are 
driving safely within the speed limit.

My-Speed's red 'danger theme' clearly indicates you are 
driving above the speed limit and need to slow down!


EU Map

UK• Ireland• France• Spain• Portugal• Italy• Austria• Switzerland• Belgium• Holland• Luxembourg• Germany• Denmark• Norway• Sweden• Finland• Poland• Estonia• Lithuania• Czech Republic• Latvia• Liechtenstein• Hungary• Romania• Slovakia• Slovenia• Serbia• Montenegro• Croatia• Turkey• Greece• Albania• Bosnia & Herzegovina• Bulgaria• F.Yugoslavia• Rep.of Macedonia• Russia• Cyprus• Ukraine





What's in the box?
1 x My-Speed XL
1 x Windscreen mounting bracket
1 x 12V-24V in car power supply
1 x USB Cable


Key features include:-
Speed limit information for all of Western Europe - supplied by Here ®
Snooper GPS speed trap detection technology
Displays your speed using GPS
Audible and visual alerts if speed limit is exceeded - user selectable
Visual alerts of speed limit changes- user selectable
My-Speed limit alert - select any speed limit for additional speed limit alerts
MPH or KMH settings
User selectable languages
GPS clock
Electronic GPS compass
Volume & brightness controls

PC System requirements: Windows Vista, 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10

Technical specification
Processor (CPU) MSTAR MSB 2531 800 MHZ
OS WinCE 6.0
Memory 4GB Flash
Memory Card Micro SD Card upto 8GB
GPS Receiver MSR2112
Frequency: 1575.42MHZ
C/A CODE: 1.023 MHZ chip rate
Channels: 66 Channel (location search) / 22 Channel (tracking)
Tracking Sensitivity: -165dBm
Positioning accuracy: 10m, 2D RMS 5m, 2D RMS, WAAS enable
Speed: 0.1m/s
Data update rate: 1HZ
Re-capture time: Average 1s
Hot start-up time: Average 2s
Warm start-up time: Average 32s
Cold start time: Average 35s
Maximum Positioning Height: 18,000m
Maximum rate: 515m/s
GPS Antenna Built-in passive ceramic antenna
LCD Display Display size: 4.3” 16:9 TFT LCD
Display Resolution: 480x272
Transmit Power: 4DBm
User Interface Touch Screen & 1 Power/Menu Button
Speaker Mono 8Ω / 1.0W (MAX) speaker
High-fidelity stereo 16Ω or 32Ω headphone jacks (φ 3.5)
Battery Li-ion battery 900 mAh
Power 12-24V DC OUTPUT: 5V DC 1.5A
Current 400-450 mAh 60 mA (4.2V) (Normal) in Operation
800 mA (4.2V) (Normal) in Charging
800 mA (4.2V) (Normal) in Operation & Charging
Operating Temperature range. -10°C.~ +60°C.
Storage Temperature range. -20°C.~ +70°C.
Operating Humidity range. 45%. ~ 80%RH
Atmospheric pressure. 860MBar . 1060Mbar.

Dimensions W:118mm x H:90mm x D:12mm


Snooper My-Speed XL. Speed limits and Speed camera alerts


Independent Feedback based on 13 reviews.

by Navaratnam Bhuvanendran


Good purchase for my use to see the change in speed markings At present it missed a change done in one of the roads Also the distance to camera is not showing and only the warning appears

by robert BASTABLE


I would have given 5 stars but I would have liked the XL to bleep when the set speed is exceeded. I have your older model that does just that, it means I can keep my eye more on the road ahead

Stephen Gill

Hi, on the My-Speed XL users can set an over speed warning (beeps when exceeding limit) in the menu go to [vehicle type] then [overspeed] and set the limit there.\nThanks

by gerry davis



by Connal Probert


Service good, knowledgable engineer

by David Pennells


A brilliant product and a most helpful Company

by Kumbera Aiyappa


Easy to download and it was very easy to navigate.

by David Bateman



by Andy Walker


Very good device worth considering to any one looking for something similar. Helps to monitor your current speed and keep you up to date on the speed of the road you are traveling on.

by Michael Carter


Easy to read, volume loud enough to hear, although some of the settings are not easy to understand.

by Martin Russell


Overall it works well but the speed limit database is always out of date, you have to be very careful that that the actual speed limit is the same as indicated.

by kevin hale



by David Batey


Item works OK A bit hit and miss in the 20 mph zones and the cradle is huge .but happy with the item overall

by Michael Winnett


Much cheaper than getting a ticket! The device picks up all fixed camera locations and most mobile temporary locatuions. Not sure how frequently the temporary sites are updated. It warns about schools too. It would be helpful if the device could warn slightly ahead of a speed limit change because some mobile sites appear to pick the car just on the limit.

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