S7000 Sat Nav Accessories

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S7000 AC Home Charger


Protective Hard Carry Case 7" Sat Nav


S7000 In-Vehicle Charger


S7000 Hardwire Lead 12V/24V


S7000 TMC Antenna


3.5mm Connector & Phono Coupler


10 Metre Extension Phono Cable Including Phono Coupler


5 Metre Extension Phono Cable Including Phone Coupler


The accessories for the Snooper S7000 Sat Nav unit are designed to boost your device’s performance, and are compatible with Truckmate and Ventura systems. If you are looking to enjoy better reception, hardwire your Snooper S7000 into your vehicle or are looking for a case to carry your Sat Nav around, we have the accessory to help you do so.

Take a look at our list of genuine Snooper accessories below and select the accessories you need.
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The range of official Snooper accessories for S7000 Sat Nav compatible with Truckmate, Ventura and Syrius brands.

Accessory Range

S7000 Hardwire Lead 12V/24V - Hardwire your Snooper S7000 Sat Nav into your vehicle with a Genuine Snooper Hardwire Lead, suitable for 12V and 24V electrical systems

S7000 TMC Antenna - Replacement antenna and enjoy better reception through your Sat Nav

S7000 DVB-TV Antenna - Replacement antenna for your digital TV reception.

Protective Hard Carry Case 7" Sat Nav - Protect your 7" Snooper Sat Nav with a genuine Snooper Hard Carry Case.

Soft Padded Carry Case 7" Sat Nav - A soft carry case large enough to fit Snooper 7" models

USB Connector for Snooper Sat Nav - USB to Mini USB lead for connecting all Snooper devices to PC

S7000 Reversing Camera Connection Cable - Enables your reversing camera to be compatible with S7000 satellite navigation units

3.5mm Connector & Phono Coupler - Connector & Phono Coupler for Snooper S7000 Sat Nav

10 Metre Extension Phono Cable - 10 Metre Extension Phono Cable thats compatible with S7000 satellite navigation units

5 Metre Extension Phono Cable - 5 Metre Extension Phono Cable