Truckmate SC5800 DVR HGV Navigation with HD Dash Cam (Grade B)

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Truckmate SC5800 DVR is designed for truck drivers to navigate the roads safely and more efficiently. It has a built-in dash cam that is essential evidence for any insurance claim. The multi-route technology can find routes with multiple destination which avoid hazards and weight restrictions. Other features include;

  • Built-in HD dash cam recording your journey
  • Free Premium traffic information
  • Powered by the market leading Here™ mapping
  • Air1® AdBlue to locate the nearest filling station
  • Full European Mapping.

    Newly Overhauled products are fully tested & in working condition complete with genuine accessories.
    Product may have small scratches/defects or other minor cosmetic imperfections to the unit and or packaging that does not impair use.
    Product is complete with 6 month RTB warranty.

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    Newly Overhauled products are fully tested & in working condition complete with genuine accessories.
    Product may have small scratches/defects or other minor cosmetic imperfections to the unit and or packaging that does not impair use.
    Product is complete with 6 month RTB warranty.

    With a built-in HD dash cam and optional speed camera alerts the Truckmate SC5800 DVR is the ultimate co-pilot. Providing the very best in street level navigation from Here maps, Truckmate SC5800 DVR will guide professional drivers effortlessly from destination to destination whilst continuously recording the journey through the High Definition dash cam. In the unfortunate event of a motoring incident, drivers will be fully covered with complete HD video footage including time, date, location and even the speed they were traveling, proving their innocence and protecting any no claims discount. Truckmate SC5800 DVR really is the ultimate co-pilot

    What’s in the box?

    • 1x SC5800 DVR portable satellite navigation system with 5” touchscreen 
    • 1x windscreen bracket
    • 1x In-vehicle power supply (12V-24V) with combined TMC antenna
    • 1x USB cable 
    • 8GB Micro SD Card (For Dash cam)
    • 1x Soft carry case 
    • 1x AV input cable 


    Junction view and lane guidance

    SC5800 DVR provides full-screen images of main motorway junctions that are displayed on approach. Specially formulated software suggests which lane or lanes to use for safe transferral. 

    Multi-route technology 

    The Truckmate SC5800 DVR allows users to input up to 16 destinations by searching via postcode, junction number or destination. It then calculates the most economical route for you to save time and money. 

    Built-in GPS Dash Cam 

    The Truckmate SC5800 DVR incorporates a 130° HD Dash Cam with GPS. Footage of your journey is stored onto the included 8GB SD card which will loop recordings, the videos will be embedded with GPS location & time data to provide key evidence should it be required. 3-Axis G sensor will ensure any incidents are automatically saved not to be automatically overwritten.

    Truck-specific points of interest

    There are over two million points of interest preloaded into the SC5800 DVR device, including hotels, restaurants, petrol stations, speed cameras and cash machines, as well as Air1 AdBlue Retail Filling Station points of interest. 

    Vehicle profiles 

    The Truckmate SC5800 DVR allows users to input up to 10 different vehicle profiles, meaning users who drive different sized vehicles can switch and change to access route information specific for that vehicle. 



    What's in the box?
    1 x SC5800DVR portable satellite navigation system
    1 x windscreen bracket
    1 x in-vehicle charger with built-in TMC antenna
    1 x soft carry case
    1 x USB cable
    1 x 8GB Micro SD Card (Dash Camera)
    1 x Dash Disk
    1 x Video cable

    Key features include:-
    Truckmate Routing Software
    Built-in HD DVR
    TMC traffic information technology
    Junction View
    Lane Guidance
    My-Speed® - speed limits
    Your Route - calculate your own bespoke routes
    Multi-route planner
    Route Timer
    User POIs 
    Navigate by junction number
    Navigate by co-ordinate
    Navigate by Easting & Northing
    Bluetooth® handsfree
    5" full colour LCD touch display
    3D Direction indicators
    Built-in MSTAR GPS antenna
    Turn by turn voice instructions
    Built-in rechargeable battery
    'One touch' Home & Office route planner
    2D & 3D map views
    A choice of different screen colours
    Extensive list of Points of Interest

    This unit has been designed to provide safe and efficient routing but it not a substitute for driving with due care and attention. The driver is responsible for paying full attention to road signs, road conditions and the proper operation of the vehicle at all times. Always defer to all posted road signs and road conditions.



    Brand Information


    Launched in 2007, Truckmate was the pioneer of truck GPS satellite navigation systems with routing designed specifically for trucks, HGV and larger vehicles and continues to enhance, develop and evolve our range. Since it’s creation, Truckmate continues to work together with commercial vehicle industry leaders, haulage operators, owner drivers and 1000’s of professional truck drivers and using our technical expertise is enabling us to produce the most comprehensive range of GPS truck sat nav systems available.

    The Truckmate range are simple and easy to use designed to aid a drivers every day working life. Enter the dimensions of your vehicle including height, width, weight and load and Truckmate will navigate you along truck friendly routes, keeping you on the easiest and most economical route to your destination, avoiding low bridges, height and width restricted roads plus countless other hazards a professional truck driver may face.

    Truck Navigation – The Problem
    As professional drivers, you couldn’t miss the almost constant press reports of trucks or HGV’s driving down unsuitable roads, getting stuck under low bridges or getting stranded in tight locations. The majority of these issues are caused by drivers either not knowing the local areas or using sub-standard navigation devices that are designed for smaller vehicle use. It’s reported that these mis-haps have caused millions of pounds of damage to property or time-lost to haulage firms having to redirect or perform difficult manoeuvres in tight lanes.

    Truck Bridge DamageTruckmate - The Solution.
    The Truckmate range of GPS satellite navigation devices will route drivers along the correct routes for their larger HGV or vehicle, avoiding those narrow lanes, small villages and low bridges. Using Here maps, the market leading mapping company and their core truck data, Truckmate further enhances this data with our unique routing algorithm to provide greater cover on smaller and narrower roads across Europe. Truckmate has more hazard information on more roads across Europe and now covers over 40 countries including Cyprus and Ukraine.

    Truckmate Routing Example

    Truckmate satellite navigation will save you pounds in time and fuel.
    Truck GPS satellite navigation devices are proven to reduce the amount of miles driven by up to 16%. This is due to navigation devices guiding drivers along the correct routes, reducing the amount of miles and fuel for your journey. Travel times can also be reduced by up to 18% which is key for truck drivers and multiple deliveries during the day.

    The No.1 choice trusted by drivers.
    More truck drivers across Europe choose Truckmate as their GPS satellite navigation device of choice. From the simple to use Truckmate S2700 with a 4.3 inch screen and our Truckmate SC5800 DVR with built-in HD dash cam to our new flagship device Truckmate S8100 with built-in TV, all of our truck sat nav range come with full European mapping as standard and free lifetime map updates*

    Major Truck Brands

    Industry testimonials and reviews.
    Steve Love of the Home Delivery Network says:
    “It was great to be able to work with Performance Products Ltd on creating something that is certain to have a huge impact on the haulage industry. It’s no longer acceptable for drivers to be content with sat navs made for smaller vehicles — there are specific issues involved with driving HGVs, and TRUCKMATE takes all of them into account.”

    John Beddow is an HGV driver for Uniloads, the country’s leading specialist in the delivery of commercial vehicles throughout the UK and Europe.
    “I drive a number of different sizes and types of trucks, and Truckmate has proved invaluable. Although I’ve used sat navs for years and they’ve all saved me time, I often used to find myself going 15 miles out of the way before realising I couldn’t go any further. Nothing removes the unique hassles of truck driving like Truckmate.”

    Andy Saunders drives for the UK’s leading manufacturer of natural stone and concrete hard-landscaping products.
    “There’s nothing like Truckmate on the market, and there’s no comparison with other brands. Every other sat nav was designed for cars, but Truckmate was clearly made with commercial vehicles in mind. Because of the specific restrictions we face every day in our jobs, it’s immensely useful for driving in the city and in the country. I recently lent my device to one of my colleagues, and he didn’t want to let it go!”

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    *For lifetime map terms and conditions, please click here.