Motorola Lumo 150 Hybrid Bluetooth Speaker Module


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  • Add on module for Lumo 150 lanterns
  • Bluetooth Speaker module


Full Description


The Motorola LUMO MSL150 lantern & Torch is a compact light source. It is versatile, lightweight, bright and comes with smart modules that provide multiple functions for your outdoor needs.

This hybrid design allows the frosted lantern to collapse into a powerful torch for more focused lighting.

The unique smart module technology allows users to add different functions to the lantern depending on their need.

The B 150 Module with Bluetooth speaker. ** DOES NOT INCLUDE THE LANTERN JUST THE ADD ON MODULE **

We also offer other modules such as a panic alarm, digital thermometer and a glow-in-the dark compass, mosquito repellent and power bank.



- Add on module for Motorola LUMO 150 Lantern

- Bluetooth Speaker


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