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DVR-4HD G3 Full HD Dash Cam with Speed Camera Alerts.

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Snooper DVR-4HD G3, FULL HD Dash Camera! 

Snooper DVR-4HD includes speed camera alerts, forward collision and lane departure warnings, 3-axis g-sensors and GPS location data. High quality footage helps to protect your no claims discount and ensuring you're not a victim of an insurance scam. Wifi connectivity means simple reviewing and sharing footage with the dedicated app

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Full Description

We have been helping protect drivers and passengers alike for nearly 40 years. Therefore road safety is at the heart of what we do, from technology advising drivers of the speed limits and safer routing satellite navigation to monitoring vehicle tyre pressures, all of our devices are aimed at encouraging safer driving.

The Snooper DVR-4HD incorporates safety features such as; Speed Camera warnings, front collision warnings & lane departure warnings, all to aide a safer journey.

Snooper DVR in Mercedes

Having a DVR-4HD on board, any doubt of 'what happened, when' will be a thing of the past! Designed to automatically record and monitor any accident or incident, DVR-4HD displays crystal clear high definition of the event. Thus providing invaluable data against any false insurance claims and saving your no claims discount.

Snooper DVR-5HD Dash Cam Buttons
Whiplash, lies and fraud; the UK’s growth industry.
In recent years, the UK and Europe has seen a dramatic increase in driving scams and false insurance claims, with over 40 false insurance claims a day* This costs insurers an estimated £392 million per year in the UK alone and hitting the average driver with spiralling insurance premiums. Protect yourself with a DVR on-board and prove that incident wasn’t your fault. With a fitted Snooper DVR, drivers may also see safety benefits, as knowing you are on camera is proven to change motorists driving style, reducing harsh acceleration and sharp breaking.

A spokesman for the insurance industry said, “crash for cash is becoming a booming business, all the fraudsters need is a car and a little know how and they’re ready to go. We certainly recommend that motorists take steps to mitigate any fraud by using a device such as a DVR from Snooper”

*2013 estimate from Aviva insurance

Adrian Flux Insurance Discount

Adrian Flux Insurance Premium Discount.
DVR-4HD users can receive up to 15% discount on new insurance premiums purchased through Adrian Flux insurance. Adrian Flux is the UK’s largest specialist motor insurance broker, covering everything from classic and vintage cars, campervans and motorhomes to heavily modified sports cars. Click here for more details.


Snooper DVR-5HD Dash Cam back

Built-in LCD screen.
Enjoy instant playback through the built-in 3” LCD screen, proving your innocence instantly to the offending driver.

Speed camera alerts with Snooper’s award winning database.*
The new Snooper DVR-4HD comes with the ability to download an built-in award winning speed camera database. 
Snooper Aura™ speed trap database alerts drivers to the location of all types of GPS speed cameras including Gatso, Truvelo, Specs and Watchman across the Uk and Europe and advising driver’s to lower their speed. That's over 10,300 speed cameras in the UK alone.

Excessive speeding contributes to a staggering 13% of all fatal collisions on UK roads and 5% of all recorded accidents and speeding fines cost British motorists over £20 million per year.

High sensitivity G-Sensor and GPS receiver.
A built-in G-Sensor and GPS antenna records speed, location and time and impact data. Once an incident is recorded, DVR-4HD overlays the data onto Google Maps® for easy viewing and downloading.

Built-in 3 Axis G-Sensor.
DVR-4HD’s built-in 3 Axis G-Sensor will monitor impact from 3 separate directions.

Automatic activation.
Once DVR-4HD has power the recording is instantly activated and your journey, with any incidents, are captured.

Wide angle view.
With a 152° viewing and recording angle for the front you can be assured that your DVR-4HD will not miss any vital footage you may require.

WiFi Connectivity with App.
Easily connect the Snooper DVR-4HD to your smart device using the dedicated App. View footage, change settings whilst out and about.

360° camera rotation.
For enhanced recording and viewing angle, DVR-4HD Front camera rotates to a maximum of 360° on the windscreen 'ball joint' bracket. 

Choice of Mount.
To aid performance and ensuring the DVR-4HD is fitted correctly, the 2 mounts, 1 x Adhesive, 1 x Suction will allow users to position the device close to the windscreen. This stops the device auto focussing on the glass reflection and ensuring crystal clear video footage, ideal for any insurance claim. 

Lane departure warning system.
LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System) is designed to alert drivers when they cross lanes unintentionally, keeping them and their passengers safe on the road.

Download Snooper Manual   Download User Manual

Snooper wants all our customers to enjoy our technology and be confident they received the best price. If within 30 days of purchasing from us, you find a better advertised price online (current Snooper models* only), you can request a Price Match. Please review all the guidelines for our price match promise policy below and contact a member of our team on 0330 232 2020

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* Speed camera database requires registration. See www.snooperneo.co.uk for registration and downloads.

N.B. It is the responsibility of the user to regularly review footage to check that videos and data is recording correctly.

Category                                           Product Specification
Image Sensor Type IMX323, 2MP Sony Sensor 
Effective Pixel 1920(H) x1080(V)
Lens  Focal Length Front: 3.07mm± 5%; 
Focusing Range 
1.5m ~ Infinite
Aperture F1.8
Construction Front: 6G + 1 IR filer,
FOV Front: H:120°, V: 61°, D:151.5°;
Memory DDRIII DRAM Size Built-in 512Mbits
LCD Display 3.0"  TFT LCD
Resolution 960 x 240 pixels
Preview Frame Rate 30fps @ Normal Light
G-Sensor 3-Axis G-Force Sensor Built-in, 3-Axis G-Force Sensor 
GPS Chip/IC U-blox G7020-KT 
Microphone Built-in
Speaker Built-in
Capture Movie Recording Resolution and Frame Rate
[email protected]
720P @30fps 
For Dual CAM Front: 1920x 1080 @30fps,            
Max. movie Size 3.8GB 
Movie Clip MPEG4 H.264 
Storage Memory Internal memory SPI NOR 16 Mbytes
External memory Supports 16GB SDHC microSD Card class 10 or above, up to 32GB
Playback Type Movie Clip
Function in Playback Movie Play/Pause, Next, Previous
USB Mini USB 2.0 Hi-speed (need no USB 2.0 Logo); Mini B type
HDMI Supported
Power Battery type 470 mAh Polymer Lithium-ion Rechargeable
Adaptor type 1. Car Cigar Power Charger with USB connector (Input : 10~30V/1.4A ; Output 5V/2.1A) ; 5 pin mini-USB Connector, 3.5 meters length
Dimensions (WxHxD) 89x53x28.5mm
Weight Approx. 94g
Charging Temperature 0~45
Operating Temperature -5~65 
Storage Temperature -20~70
Operation system For Windows Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 10
For Mac OS 10.5 or higher

What's in the box?

  • Snooper DVR-4HD G3
  • Windscreen bracket (Suction)
  • Windscreen bracket (Adhesive)
  • In-vehicle power cable (12/24V)
  • 32GB microSD card

It is the owners responsibility to understand and comply with any applicable local laws and invasion of privacy rights that may be enforced with regards to publicly displaying photographs or videos of people or vehicles when using this product.


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