Coronavirus [COVID-19]


As per the UK Governments wishes our team are, unless unavoidable, working from home.

We will still be processing & shipping orders and responding to website & email requests. Our Technical support team can be reached on 0333 121 2252 or

Our main Phonelines are NOT being manned at this time.

We appreciate all of your unwaivering support during this difficult time for all.



Our primary concerns are with the safety & wellbeing of our customers and staff during these troubling times. We are all concerned about the spread of COVID-19 and appreciate that we should all be doing everything we can to try to limit or delay the rate at which the virus spreads.

We are timetabling our Head office opening times over the next few weeks to minimise physical contact and unecessary travel. We will be reviewing this as the situation develops. 



Wed 18/03/20

Thu 19/03/20

Fri 20/03/20

Mon 23/03/20

Tue 24/03/20

Wed 25/03/20

Thu 26/03/20

Fri 29/03/20

Mon 30/03/20

Tue 31/03/20

Wed 01/04/20

Thu 02/04/20

Fri 03/04/20

Mon 06/04/20

Tue 07/04/20

Wed 08/04/20

Thu 09/04/20

Fri 10/04/20

Mon 13/04/20

Tue 14/04/20

Wed 15/04/20

Thu 16/04/20

Fri 17/04/20

We have been, and will continue, monitoring the health notices being issued by government agencies and ensuring our staff are protected as much as possible. We plan to continue working as normal and endeavour to maintain supply to the best of our ability. That said there may be some delays in our operations and will try to keep disruption to a minimum, this will relate to dispatch, returns, repairs, refunds.

Our Technical Support team have measures in place to ensure continuity in their contact, with home working being made available where necessary.

In the meantime we want to try to limit physical meetings as far as is possible. With this in mind, we will be looking to arrange any meetings via video rather than face-to-face for the next few weeks until things become clearer. We will not be conducting any ‘in person’ inspection/test/repair procedures during this time but devices can still be sent direct to ourselves using our inspection/test system. We hope you will agree this is a sensible precaution to make.

We’re all keen to make sure business continues as usual.

Thank you for your co-operation and keep well.

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