Cobra My-Speed Plus. Speed limits and Speed camera alerts

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  • 5″ LCD colour screen
  • FREE speed trap database updates - Supplied by AURA™
  • FREE alerts of every speed limit across Europe - Supplied by Here®
  • Displays your speed through GPS
  • Windscreen bracket and in-vehicle charger included
  • Suitable for Cars, Motorhomes, Caravans and Truck

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Full Description


My Speed PLUS logo

Cobra My-Speed PLUS – have all the road & vehicle speed information right where you need it! This great device will display your current speed & the speed limit of any road you’re travelling on across Western Europe. Includes FREE subscription to the AURA™ database from Snooper, to alert you of fixed & mobile speed cameras. A simple to see and understand driver aid helping you to stay alert & on the right side of the law.

My Speed PLUS

Cobra My-Speed PLUS, joins our family of speed awareness products. Sitting alongside the My-Speed PLUS, My-Speed DVR, 4Zero Elite, DVR-5HD & iRadar.

No longer will you drive along unaware of the speed limit of the road, gambling whether 30mph or 40mph is correct. With My-Speed PLUS you will always have the information clearly displayed.

Incorrect speed can often be attributed to frustration and miscalculation of drivers, resulting in accidents which can mean injury, damage and even fatalities. Knowing what speed you are, and should be, travelling at will allow safer, responsible driving.

Using GPS technology and the Here® database of speed limits across Europe with FREE LIFETIME speed limit updates, My-Speed PLUS will continually alert you to the speed limit of the road you are travelling on. If the speed limit changes on the road you are travelling on, My-Speed PLUS may be set to alert both visually and audibly so driving at the incorrect speed should never occur.

Users can tailor their alerts using ‘Smart Mute’, ‘Auto Mute’ or ‘Over Speed Warnings’

Comes pre-loaded with speed limits covering roads across Western Europe.


Drive Safely with My-Speed PLUS
Cobra My-Speed PLUS will alert you the moment you exceed the speed limit. Two different attention grabbing displays are shown depending on whether you are driving above or below the speed limit.

myspeed feat1              myspeed feat2

My-Speed's green 'safe alert' clearly indicates you are 
driving safely within the speed limit.

My-Speed's red 'danger theme' clearly indicates you are 
driving above the speed limit and need to slow down!


EU Map

UK• Ireland• France• Spain• Portugal• Italy• Austria• Switzerland• Belgium• Holland• Luxembourg• Germany• Denmark• Norway• Sweden• Finland• Poland• Estonia• Lithuania• Czech Republic• Latvia• Liechtenstein• Hungary• Romania• Slovakia• Slovenia• Serbia• Montenegro• Croatia• Turkey• Greece• Albania• Bosnia & Herzegovina• Bulgaria• F.Yugoslavia• Rep.of Macedonia• Russia• Cyprus• Ukraine





Cobra My-Speed PLUS, Simply mount to your vehicles windscreen, power from the cigarette lighter socket and you are good to go! My-Speed PLUS can be set to alert you to any speed limit you choose.  My-Speed PLUS will alert you visually and audibly to speeds from 20-150mph. My-Speed PLUS will become one of the most valuable aids for your vehicle!

Snooper GPS speed trap detection technology! Provides advanced warning of police traps across Europe.
Whilst alerting drivers of changes to speed limits, My-Speed PLUS includes subscription to Snooper's award winning GPS speed trap database, AURA™, the most comprehensive speed trap database available.

The AURA™ advantage - not all speed trap databases are created equal!

Only Snooper speed camera detectors utilise our unique AURA™ database. All GPS location systems are only as good as the information that is stored inside them, therefore it is essential that your system uses the best there is. AURA™ was created to provide the very best automotive Speed Trap database available.

Cobra My-Speed PLUS is different to other non-Snooper systems because the AURA™ database allows you to download live updates 24 hours a day, every day. Cheaper, lower quality systems usually only give you the opportunity to download a database 4 times a year. This means that your system can be up to three months out of date before your next update. If you get caught out by a new speed camera you didn't know about, you'll have no-where to turn. 

The AURA database contains all information that is vital to today´s driver. The vast database now comprises the widest number of locations imaginable including: Gatso, MCS, Truvelo, Watchman, DS-2, Speedcurb, SPECs Average Speed Cameras, Mobile Laser sites, Mobile Camera Vans, Mobile Gatso and Truvelo Cameras, Accident Hotspots, High Risk Zones, Digital Cameras, and Congestion Charge Cameras. Plus the database includes the Speed Limits at all these locations so your device can count down accurately to the hazard!

How does it work?

As well as the UK and Ireland, the AURA speed trap database now offers Worldwide protection. Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Luxembourg, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Poland, Romania, Russia, North America, Canada, Australia*, New Zealand* and South Africa and is still growing.

So from Manchester to Monaco you will always be protected by My-Speed PLUS!

*My-Speed PLUS is not compatible with Australia and New Zealand

RRP £79.99 inc vat with FREE speed camera updates!

Speed Limit updates FREE.
To ensure that My-Speed PLUS is kept up to date customers will have the opportunity to update the speed limit information stored on their device once a year. To subscribe to this service visit after you have purchased and received your My-Speed PLUS.  

To subscribe visit after you have purchased and received your My-Speed PLUS unit.

My-Speed PLUS - your new favourite.

Free updates are available to first owner only, not transferable.



What's in the box?
1 x My-Speed PLUS
1 x Windscreen mounting bracket
1 x 12V-24V in car power supply
1 x USB Cable

Key features include:-

Speed limit information for all of Western Europe - supplied by Here ®
Snooper GPS speed trap detection technology
Displays your speed using GPS
Audible and visual alerts if speed limit is exceeded - user selectable
Visual alerts of speed limit changes- user selectable
My-Speed limit alert - select any speed limit for additional speed limit alerts
MPH or KMH settings
User selectable languages
GPS clock
Electronic GPS compass
Volume & brightness controls

PC System requirements: Windows Vista, 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 & Windows 10

Technical specification.
Processor (CPU) Samsung s3C2416 processor 533mHz
OS WinCE 6.0
Display: 5 inch TFT colour touch screen high brightness
LCD Display Brightness :≥ 300NITS
Support Anti-glare
Resolution: 800 x 480 px
System Memory 128MB DDRII SDRAM
Internal Nand Flash Memory: 4GB
High Sensitivity GPS module receiver
Antenna: real built-in antenna (built-in GPS high sensitivity receiver 42 channels)
TMC: Built-in TMC receiver
Speaker: built-in loud speaker
SD/MMC card slot: T-Flash slot
USB: USB2.0 Device (Mini Port)
Battery: built-in rechargeable Li battery 


Cobra My-Speed Plus. Speed limits and Speed camera alerts


Independent Feedback based on 10 reviews.

by keith purser


great thing to have in the car

by John Tanzer


Just about everything about this device is poor and outdated. The power cable connection is a nightmare. Clunky and difficult. The silly little cups fall off. The device is far too big and ungainly for the information shown on the screen. There is no ignition switching so one has to find the hard to get at power switch. The supports simply do not work in my car and I had to buy something else on Amazon. More needless cost. It often takes a long time to acquire the GPS. The database is not bad but the warnings given are from good to useless with no obvious reason for the difference. All in all, Snooper are doing no more than marketing a badly designed and generally poorly executed product. If you have an Android phone there are better free speed camera programs to use with that. If I could I would return the thing as more pain than gain.


Slow to 'fire' up, Out of date speed limits shown for roads I know. But the screen is big and clear

by Chris Luke


Very good bit of kit works well

by Ali Koder


SD was corrupt & no alert sound



by Ken Thornton


THe only thing I think it could improve on is that it slow to pick up the GPS


Some roads the display advises 60mph and has been reduced to 40mph for over 6 months and cable looks untidy when connected

by Peter Murchison


All downloads failed because a so called 'registered' device wasn't. Documentation suggests only annual downloads are allowed. I am VERY disappointed!

by Patrick Evans


Doesn’t work. Had two of these and both faulty. Customer services useless and technical support waste of time. Inferior components and no quality control makes very poor product. Avoid.

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