Ventura SC5900 DVR G2 Caravan & Motorhome Navigation with GPS, HD Dash Cam


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Helps calculate safe routes for caravans and motorhomes.

  • 5” LCD touch screen

  • Built-in HD dash cam

  • Over 31,000 campsites across the UK and Europe

  • Lifetime traffic

  • Carry Case

Full Description


The Ventura SC5900 DVR Caravan & Motorhome Navigation with HD Dash Cam is designed specifically for caravans and motorhomes, helping you to calculate safe routes based on your vehicle’s width, length, height and weight. 

The device also includes the largest database of any caravan or motorhome specific sat nav with information on over 24,000 campsites and motorhome stopovers in 31 countries.

What’s in the box?

  • SC5900 DVR sat nav
  • Windscreen bracket
  • In-vehicle charger with built-in TMC antenna
  • Soft carry case
  • USB cable
  • 8GB micro SD card for DVR
  • 8GB micro SD card for mapping
  • Dash disk
  • Video cable
  • Features



    Bluetooth handsfree technology
    The Snooper Ventura SC5900 DVR is equipped with Bluetooth handsfree technology allowing you to take a call on the road safely with both hands on the steering wheel.

    Built-in HD dash cam
    The SC5900 DVR combines sat nav and digital video recorder (DVR) technology to bring you a device that continuously records and saves any vehicle incidents you may encounter on your trip, as well as navigational assistance.

    Compact, high-resolution LCD display
    The Ventura SC5900 DVR has a five-inch, bright, high-resolution touch screen display for easy viewing and clear navigational instructions.

    Continuous loop recording
    The device continuously records the view in front of your vehicle, automatically overwriting any unsaved data. Video files can be downloaded to your PC via the Snooper Player, so you can provide video evidence of your journey and any incidents that have occurred.

    Environmental settings
    If you’re travelling through countries with low emission zones (LEZs), the SC5900 DVR will route around these areas if your vehicle breaches pollution levels to avoid any charges or fines. LEZs are areas or roads where the most polluting vehicles are restricted from entering.

    Extensive route planning
    Plan your journey by junction number, postcode or road and choose between the quickest or shortest route available, including avoiding toll roads or motorways. You can also save your custom route for future journeys. If you’re making a trip with multiple stops, the SC5900 DVR allows you to plan routes with up to 16 destinations.

    Market-leading mapping
    The device boasts market-leading mapping from HERE that has been advanced with Ventura’s large vehicle routing algorithm.

    Multiple vehicle navigation
    Although the Ventura SC5900 DVR has been designed with larger vehicles in mind, it also incorporates a setting for cars and other small vehicles. By switching to ‘car mode’, you will be able to navigate routes specifically for a smaller vehicle.

    Points of interest
    If you’re looking for a quick stop or cash machine, the SC5900 DVR will show selected points of interest on screen while navigating you to your destination. The Air1 AdBlue Retail Station points of interest search will display local stations suitable for your large vehicle and guide you to them.

    Route timer
    When you’re travelling for a long time, it’s important that you take regular breaks. The SC5900 DVR allows you to set a timer to alert you when you need to take a break.

    Speed camera location technology
    The Ventura SC5900 DVR uses the AURA database to tell you about nearby speed cameras, speed traps, surveillance cameras or red light cameras. The database is updated daily and updates can be carried out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Subject to subscription charge.

    Speed limit warnings
    Set your device to monitor your speed and local limits for the vehicle you are driving. The built-in My Speed software can be used to alert you if you accidentally exceed the speed limit at any time, keeping your driving licence free from penalty points.

    Free European lifetime map updates
    Purchasing the SC5900 DVR entitles you to free map updates for the life of your unit. Make sure you always have the latest Ventura software and street level mapping by registering your product here.

    Other features
    Include junction view, lane guidance, premium traffic management content, reversing camera link-up


    N.B. It is the responsibility of the user to regularly review footage to check that videos and data is recording correctly. Please check local laws in regards to the use of this product.

    This unit has been designed to provide safe and efficient routing but it not a substitute for driving with due care and attention. The driver is responsible for paying full attention to road signs, road conditions and the proper operation of the vehicle at all times. Always defer to all posted road signs and road conditions.



    Ventura SC5900 DVR Caravan & Motorhome Navigation with HD Dash Cam






    134mm x 84mm x 13mm


    5” LCD 16:9 TFT

    Display resolution

    800 x 480


    Li-ion battery 1000 mAh


    12-24V DC, USB 2.0 OUTPUT: 5.2V DC 1.5A


    MSB2531 800MHz

    Operating system

    WinCE 6.0


    Win 7/8/8.1/10 

    Memory (navigation)

    512MB SDRAM

    Memory card (navigation)

    Micro SD card up to 8GB

    Memory card (DVR)

    Micro SD card up to 32GB

    DVR camera

    1080p HD

    Viewing angle



    Mono 8Ω/1W (MAX) speaker