Cobra Soho SM660 8km Two-Way Private Mobile Radio (PMR) - Three Pack


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    A must-have for two-way radio communication.

  • Up to 8km signal range

  • Up to 2662 channel combinations

  • Voice-activated transmission (VOX)

  • Five selectable incoming call tones

Full Description


The Cobra Soho SM660 Two-Way Private Mobile Radio (PMR) is a useful tool should you require communication in unusual locations or during adverse weather conditions while camping, hiking, mountain biking or at work. The two-way PMR boasts features, including hands-free transmission and increased channel privacy, specially designed to allow for easy communication.

What’s in the box?

3 x walkie talkies (model SM660)
Micro USB charging cable
Rechargeable NiMH batteries


Signal range up to 8km
The Cobra Soho SM660 communicates with other 446 radios up to eight kilometres away.

Multiple channel combinations
There are up to 968 channel combinations when you combine 8 channels with the 121 privacy codes, allowing for a reduced chance of interference from other radios.

Voice-activated transmission
Voice-activated (VOX) technology allows hands-free transmission, allowing communication when you are unable to press the transmit button.

Incoming transmission notifications
There is five selectable transmissions that can be used to assign distinct tones between different parties for incoming calls.



Cobra Soho SM660




153.62mm x 61.3mm x 39.46mm




Rechargeable nickel-metal
hydride (NiMH) battery