Cobra Drive HD GPS Mount


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The multi-purpose dash camera mount.

  • GPS functionality
  • Easy to install
  • Embedss GPS data to video footage
  • Suction cup mount
  • Compatible with CDR 835/CDR 855 BT/ CDR 875 G/CDR 895 D/DASH2208/DASH2316D/CCDC4488/CCDC4500
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    The Cobra Drive HD GPS Mount does not simply keep your dash camera in place; it also add GPS functionality so you can geographically capture where an incident has occurred to use in an insurance claim or as evidence against fraudulent drivers.

    What’s in the box?

    GPS mount for Cobra Drive HD dash cameras


    Add GPS data to video footage
    The mount includes GPS technology allowing you to add location and speed tracking information to your dash cam footage, which can prove very useful when you need to prove your exact location and speed for an insurance claim or other incident.

    Easy to install
    Use the suction cup to attach the mount to your windscreen and connect the 3.5mm jack into your Cobra Drive HD dash camera’s accessory port. A grey GPS icon will appear on the video screen status bar to indicate that GPS is available, while a white icon will indicate that location information is now being embedded into your video footage.



    Cobra GPS Mount



    Mount type

    Suction cup


    3.5mm jack

    Dash cam compatibility

    Cobra Drive HD CDR 835/CDR 855 BT/CDR 875 G/CDR 895 D/DASH2208/DASH2316D/CCDC4488/CCDC4500