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Tyre Pilot STP 1800 Bluetooth Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

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Tyre Pilot

A simple-to-install, incredibly accurate tyre pressure monitor.

  • Transmits to smartphone (Android) or sat nav device
  • Measure up to 188 PSI
  • Monitors up to eight tyres
  • Includes six tyre pressure sensors
  • Compatible with HGVs, motorhomes, coaches and buses


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Full Description


The Tyre Pilot STP 1800 monitors tyre pressure and transmits status updates via Bluetooth to a smartphone through the Tyre Pilot app (Android) or to a compatible Snooper sat nav device (S8110, S8100, S6810, S6800 and SC5800 devices). Featuring six tyre pressure sensors with an option to upgrade to extra sensors (maximum of eight) and measuring tyre pressures up to 118 pounds per square inch (PSI)*.


*Check your tyre maximum PSI, which can be found either on the side wall of your tyre or on the model information panel, before purchase.

What’s in the box?

Bluetooth transmitter
Installation cables
2 x 118 PSI tyre pressure sensors
Hex wrench
Battery replacement tool


Updates via Bluetooth
Transmit pressure and temperature updates to a compatible Snooper sat nav or to a smartphone via Bluetooth.
Bluetooth link up to a Snooper sat nav will require a signal converter (included with device).

Easy-to-install Sensors
Tyre Pilot’s tyre pressure sensors fit to any tyre pressure valve stem easily.

Instant Alerts
The sensors will send data on tyre pressure and temperature every five minutes, providing visual and audible alerts for any discrepancies. Sleep mode activates if a vehicle does not move for 10 minutes to save power and will automatically restart when the vehicle starts moving again.

 Download Snooper Manual   Download User Manual


STP 118 Tyre Pressure Sensors




21mm x 21mm



Battery Life

1-2 years

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