Snooper Truckmate Sat Navs & Driving Assistance Technology

Keeping to the right routes and delivering products on time is all part of life for a truck driver, but unsuitable roads, tight turns and other hazards can cost drivers time and money.

Snooper Truckmate’s range of satellite navigation devices, tyre pressure monitoring systems and reversing cameras provide drivers with the latest reliable and high-performing driving assistance technology to tackle such obstructions.

Shop the range today. For more information about Snooper Truckmate please see our features list below.

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The Truckmate series provides drivers with the necessities to get the job done well - clear and concise instructions, large display and easy-to-use functions. Each device comes with free lifetime map updates from HERE Maps for Life to ensure drivers are given the latest information on routes and points of interest, including truck stops, fuel pumps, eateries and much more.

Other features as standard include:

Adjustable map text

Increase the size that road names and numbers are displayed on the screen for easy-to-read navigation.

Audio navigation

Listen to instructions with the Truckmate S6810 and S8110 via the three-watt audio speaker, which is loud enough for even the noisiest of cabs.

Award-winning speed camera location technology

Receive speed camera locations through the Aura Speed Camera Database. Read more about Aura here. 

Bluetooth handsfree technology

Stay on the right side of the law if you need to make a call with a sat nav that has bluetooth capabilities. The Truckmate SC5900 DVR, S6810, S6900, S8110 and AVNS 9020 are all equipped with Bluetooth.

Create and save your own routes

Use the ‘Your Route’ function to build personalised routes by selecting the roads you would like to travel on or searching road by road - perfect if you need to make multiple stops.

Customised routes

Choose your route depending on your preferences, including avoiding toll roads and motorways.

Easy-to-navigate menu

The simple, large menu display makes it easier to find the functions you require.

Environmentally friendly technology

Let the Truckmate guide you along the most economical route for journeys and improve your fuel consumption.

FM transmitter

Receive improved audible navigational instructions through your vehicle’s audio system with the built-in FM transmitter included with the Truckmate S6810 and S8110.

Free premium traffic management content

Receive accurate and reliable information on traffic to ensure that your arrive at your destination on time. Traffic information is fed from hundreds of thousands of vehicles and sensors across the UK and Europe to alert you to traffic incidents and congestion on your route and provide suitable alternative routes.

Free Truckmate operating software updates

Have peace of mind that your device will never go out of date with free Snooper Truckmate software updates. Updates only include system software.

Freeview digital television

Keep yourself entertained on a break from driving with freeview digital television. The Truckmate S8110 has a built-in DVB-T2 (digital video broadcasting transmitter) for picking up TV on the go.

Junction number navigation

Search and navigate by motorway junction numbers.

Junction view

Receive advance notice of main motorway junctions with a full-screen image that helps you navigate through junctions.

Lane guidance

Be told which lane or lanes to use when approaching junctions with specially formulated truck lane guidance software.

LCD touchscreen

See instructions clearly and easy with the enhanced LCD touch screen display.

Mac and Windows compatibility

Update your mapping, software, points of interest and speed camera locations using a Mac or Windows computer.

Multiple vehicle dimensions

Save up to 10 different vehicle profiles so it’s easier to switch between sizes, weights and loads of trucks and receive specific routes for that vehicle. Truckmates can also be used for cars by switching to car sat nav mode.

Plan routes with up to 16 destinations

Use the multi-route icon to simply search and select the destinations you require either by Royal Mail postcode, city, points of interest or favourites and your Truckmate device will plan a route through every stop. If you want the best possible route, hit rearrange and your destinations will be placed into the most logical order, giving you the simplest and most cost-effective route.

Point of interest search

Choose to search from an extensive list of points of interest using the corridor search facility, enabling you to search along a specific pre-programmed route. All Truckmate satellite navigation devices come with Air1 AdBlueⓇ Retail Filling Stations pre-set as points of interest.

Route simulation

Plan ahead by running a simulation of your journey before you travel. Simply enter your destination and hit the ‘simulation’ button to generate your route on-screen.

Route timer

Set the route timer to the maximum driving time allowed to receive an alert when you need to take a break.

Search points of interest on route

Identify selected points of interest on screen while navigating to your destination.

Speed limit notifications

Receive My Speed updates on the speed limits of nearly every road across Europe or set your device to alert you if you accidentally exceed the speed limit at any time

Tyre Pilot compatibility

Monitor your vehicle’s tyre pressure and temperature for safe and lower cost driving. The Truckmate S6810 and S8110 are compatible with Tyre Pilot tyre pressure monitoring systems.

About Snooper Truckmate

For more than 10 years, Snooper Truckmate has been dedicated to providing the latest route information and driving assistance to truck and HGV drivers. The Truckmate name is well known and respected within the trucking community and has a reputation for providing the best large vehicle navigation systems throughout the UK and Europe.

Producers of the first truck-specific satellite navigation device in 2007, Truckmate revolutionised the market by allowing drivers to input the dimensions of a truck, van or other large vehicle in order to receive a safe and efficient route. This would provide drivers with appropriate roads suitable for a vehicle’s size and weight, saving time, money and stress.

Get in touch

To find out more about the Snooper Truckmate range, contact the team on +44 (0)1928 579 579 or fill out an online enquiry form.

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