Cobra Electronics

Cobra Electronics

Founded in 1961, Cobra Electronics has always led technologies in radio communication, radar detectors, portable power solutions and dash cams.

Products include:

  • Marine radio communications
  • Dash cameras
  • Speed camera locators
  • Portable power
  • CB radio
  • Walkie-talkies

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1 Item(s)

1 Item(s)


Marine radio communications
A range of handheld and fitted marine radios. All products are exclusively distributed in the UK by Marathon Leisure.

Dash cameras
Dash cameras (or drive vehicle recorders) are becoming an increasingly necessary tool for any vehicle, whether a car, van, motorhome or truck, ensuring you have vital footage for evidence should run into trouble or be involved in an accident.

The devices are known to significantly improve driver behaviour, reduce the risk of false insurance claims and improve road safety. Feature include three-axis G-sensor, Bluetooth, speed camera information, HD recording and SD cards.

Products in this range include:

  • IP200
  • CDR 835
  • CDR 855BT
  • CDR 875G
  • CDR 895D
  • DASH 2208
  • DASH 2316D

Speed camera locators
Products in this range include:

  • CDR 855BT
  • CDR 875G
  • DASH 2316D
  • iRadar

All speed camera products use the iRadar app, which is available on iOS and Android and links to your Cobra device via Bluetooth. iRadar is a community of drivers helping each other by sharing mobile speed camera locations ‘live’ with instant updates so you can receive alerts for speed cameras, speed traps and other road hazard alerts, such as user-reported threat locations.

Products with radar and laser detection are only suitable for certain territories, so please check local laws before use.


Walkie-talkies (or PMR) are ideal for business and pleasure. The open 446 radio protocol means that two or more people can be in contact over various terrain for almost limitless purposes. Ideal for those who love the outdoors and want an inexpensive and reliable communication solution.

Products in this range include:

  • AM 1035FLT
  • AM 845SNOW
  • AM 845
  • AM 645
  • HM 230

Features include:

  • Up to 12-kilometre range - provides a signal range between 3km and 12km with up to 2,662 channel combinations.
  • Floating - never lose your radio in the water thanks to its floating design and orange core. Specific products with this feature include the AM 1035FLT
  • VOX - voice-activated transmission frees hands for other tasks. All products but the HM 230
  • VibrAlert - enhanced vibrating feedback to notify you of incoming transmissions. Only includes the AM 1035FLT and AM 845
  • Rubberised grips - never lose grip of your radio. All products excluding the HM 203
  • Built-in LED flashlight - find your way in low lighting and alert others in an emergency. Products with this feature include the AM 1035FLT and AM 845
  • Rechargeable batteries - for ease of use and cost-effectiveness. Normal alkaline batteries can also be used. Rechargeable batteries are not included with the HM 230

Cobra JumPacks are ideal for anyone whether on the road in an emergency or out and about in nature to keep phones, tablets and other electronic devices charged and ready to go. These compact units will start many engines when they need a boost due to loss of battery power.

Products in this range include:

  • CPP 12000 JumPack XL
  • CPP 8000 JumPack

Features include:

  • Jumpstart various vehicles - jump starts petrol and diesel engines, including cars, vans, motorhomes, boats and motorcycles. Range from 360A-500A peak output
  • USB charging - use to charge up your devices so you never have to go without. 2.4A-3A 5V USB output
  • Lithium powerbank - keep in power wherever you go. 6000mAh-11,100mAh capacity
  • LED torch - use to find your way in the dark or as a safety light
  • Easy charging - charge your JumPack from the 12v accessory socket in the vehicle or at home via 240V. Included only with the CPP12000

Get in touch

To find out more about the Cobra Electronics range, contact the team on +44 (0)1928 579 579 or fill out an online enquiry form.

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