Your Tips for Surviving Life on the Road

Thursday, 2 June 2016 15:50:20 Europe/London

Driving heavy duty vehicles for a living is no walk in the park, but there are few feelings as freeing as being out on the open road. Whether you’re delivering goods overseas or on home soil, navigating routes long or short is an incredible skill.

But aside from the freedom, incredible scenery and independence, there is a difficult side to driving, as loneliness kicks in and a sedentary lifestyle starts to make the jeans feel tighter than they have been for some time.

So, we’ve gone right to the heart of the matter and asked lorry drivers  to give us their tips for surviving life on the road - and we want to hear yours too.

Stay entertained

Keep the boredom at bay by listening to some good music, whether making a playlist of your favourite upbeat songs or tuning into your favourite radio station. Just try not to put the windows through with your singing.

While @JohnstonStef’s music taste might not be everyone’s bag, he raises a fair point...



Keep a cool head

Easier said than done, we know, but staying calm while on a long stretch will really help to make your life easier - and it’s good for your health too. Yes, other drivers can be infuriating, yes, you’re probably very tired, and yes, you’re definitely on a tight schedule - but it’s all part of the job. Take regular breaks and do something that makes you happy to make those tough periods feel easier.


Healthy snacks

Tiring, long shifts in unfamiliar places can make it all too tempting to head to the first fast food place you see and enjoy some home comforts - but decades of unhealthy eating are a serious no-no for a healthy heart and a smaller gut.

There are hundreds of blogs dedicated to helping truckers stay healthy, but even the basics like snacking on fresh fruit rather than crisps will go a long way towards making you feel healthier.


Avoid the M6!

OK, so we know this might be completely out of the question, but there is a serious undertone to this tip. Trust your judgement, it’s likely you will save serious time (and spare yourself a few grey hairs) by doing so.



Make it an adventure

Perhaps our favourite tip we received. Take a moment amid the stress and deadlines to take a look around you - there are some moments of beauty while navigating a long, deserted stretch of road that should not be ignored. If you’re stopping for a break, go for a walk, get some fresh air - and most importantly, enjoy the adventure.



Something to add?

We want to hear your tips for surviving life on the road. Head over to our Twitter and let us know your thoughts.

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