Two of the Biggest Dash Cam Myths Debunked

Friday, 24 June 2016 16:16:36 Europe/London

At Snooper, we’re undoubtedly huge champions of the dash cam and the benefits it can bring to drivers of all ages, abilities and vehicle types. While we’ve spoken about the advantages that this innovative technology can bring before, we’re still surprised to hear that many of you still don’t see just how much safer your time on the road could be thanks to these pocket-sized products.

We recently quizzed our followers to find out exactly what is holding the more sceptical among you back when it comes to making your first dash cam purchase. And thankfully, we can easily debunk these myths. In fact, that’s exactly what we’re about to do.

Myth 1: “I won’t save any money”

The upfront cost of a dash cam can vary, and some drivers are sceptical about how immediately they will feel the benefits of their purchase. However, having a dash cam can help you to keep money in your back pocket in two ways.

  • Increasingly, insurers are offering cheaper premiums for those drivers who go out to purchase a dash cam. Don’t believe us? Click here to read our interview with one insurer who spoke about how the industry is changing in light of the technology’s widespread adoption. 
  • Having proof in the case of an incident means that you are able to save on any potential insurance increases that may have come about as a result.

The reality is, whenever a new technology begins to increase in popularity, there continues to be some speculation about how it can actually help. And we understand that. However, when that technology offers advantages as obvious as that of the dash cam, we can’t help but wonder when everyone will catch on. 

Myth 2: “I won’t reap the benefits if I’m not in a crash”

Some of the more sceptical drivers out there are of the belief that installing a dash cam will not provide any obvious advantages. It is not uncommon to think that if you are never involved in an incident while on the road, that you will never feel the benefits. However, there are several other factors to consider here.

We’ve run down the key benefits of owning a dash cam below:

  • Providing first-hand evidence of an incident, which can help to identify where the blame lies 
  • Prevents fraudulent claims, or ‘crash for cash’, which sees criminal drivers cause accidents on purpose in order to cash in on insurance payments 
  • Protects you from dangerous drivers, ensuring all driver behaviour is recorded, should you ever run into trouble 
  • Those drivers with dash cams are increasingly being offered cheaper insurance premiums 
  • Help fellow road users and pedestrians

Overall, there are plenty more advantages to installing a dash cam than you might originally believe, but as the innovative technology becomes commonplace in vehicles of all shapes and sizes, it is likely insurers will begin to reduce premiums due to having immediate access to proof in the event of an incident.

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