Top Tips for Caravanning

Monday, 5 June 2017 11:00:28 Europe/London

So you’ve bought a caravan or motorhome, you’ve carried out the necessary checks and you’re ready to hit the road for some rest and relaxation in the countryside. Here at Snooper,  we want to ensure you make the most out of your experience and don’t run into any trouble so we’ve shared some top tips on caravanning so you can ensure you have a trip to remember.

Plan your trip and be considerate of others

Caravans and motorhomes are often unpopular with other road users so make sure you don’t give them a reason to have a go by looking like you don’t know what you’re doing. Plan your route carefully, taking note and avoiding any height or weight restricted areas. We would advise you to use a dedicated caravan or motorhome sat nav as it allows you to pop in the dimensions of the car and caravan so it calculates a suitable route avoiding height and weight restrictions.

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It is essential to practise any tricky manoeuvres before your journey so you don’t panic when traffic builds up around you. Installing extension towing mirrors can help you see further on both sides of your caravan.

Pack a first aid kit for your caravan

You never know what might happen while you’re caravanning so be sure you don’t leave home without the following:

  • WD40 for lubrication and protection against rust
  • Milton fluid to sterilise the water system
  • A working torch in case of nighttime emergencies
  • Duct tape
  • Spare fuses
  • Adjustable spanner
  • Two screwdrivers
  • Set of battery leads
  • Spare tow rope

It is also advisable to ensure there is enough water for yourself and passengers (including pets) should you run into trouble or be waiting in a traffic jam. Also, having warm and dry clothes handy will prove useful should you need to wait by the road for assistance.

Buy locally

Avoid packing for a trip like it’s the impending Armageddon by stocking up on your supermarket favourites, buy fresh produce from local shops when you arrive. This will save you petrol during your journey, produce less rubbish as local goods are not usually excessively packaged and help out the local economy.  

Take down the awning

Even on a summer morning, there is the risk of morning dew, which can damage the awning fabric. It might seem like a pain but packing it away each night to ensure it is kept dry could you save money in the long run.

Protect yourself from bad weather

If the worst happens and your trip is dampened by bad weather, you may be tempted to pack up and head home but it can just as much fun in cold or wet weather - isn’t that why you’ve packed those board games? Some tips to consider if the weather takes a nasty turn include:

    • Do not block any drafty air vents as it may result in a buildup of harmful gases
    • Add some salt to the wastewater container to prevent the water from freezing
    • Keep wet weather gear, such as waterproof jackets, Wellington boots and thick socks, stored in the caravan whenever you make a trip

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