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Tuesday, 11 April 2017 14:17:18 Europe/London

Dash cams are a must-have item for drivers today, gathering vital video evidence of any incidents that occur. As well as car accidents, however, they also occasionally get some incredible roadside footage, from leaping wildlife to wild behaviour. Here are some funny, shocking and downright bizarre clips recorded by dash cams around the globe:

Jump around

This Australian driver has a very close call with a thrill-seeking kangaroo, who leaps across the hood of the moving car. Thankfully, both the driver and the animal escape without any injuries, although the ‘roo does take out the aerial with its tail... 

Left behind

 This tow truck in New Jersey forgets something rather important - the vehicle it’s towing. Luckily the driver quickly realises what’s gone wrong, and sheepishly reverses to retrieve the truck stranded at a busy crossroads.

Split decision

They say the world is your gym, and this amateur gymnast clearly believes it.  He seems very keen to show off his ability to do the splits and push ups at the same time…in the middle of the road.

Shooting star

Drivers in Arizona got incredible front-row views of this meteor, lighting up the night sky with a massive flash of light.

Get a dash cam today

Although these clips are obviously light-hearted, having a dash cam is a serious requirement for any driver today. As well as recording vital video evidence of any incident you’re involved in, having a dash cam installed means you can save money on your car insurance. Browse our range of dash cams here.

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