Snooper's Dash Cam Highlights: Part 2

Tuesday, 30 May 2017 12:26:29 Europe/London

Last month, Cobra brought to you our dash cam highlights from the past year, and this month, we’re back for round two. From incredible roadside footage, leaping wildlife to angry motorists, it seems dash cams really have seen it all. Here’s more of those funny, shocking and downright bizarre clips recorded by dash cams around the globe.

Raise the roof

A gale of wind in Siberia was powerful enough to rip the roof right off a building in front of this Russian driver. Hopefully, they know a good roofer...

Walking under the influence

 Although dash cams usually record car accidents, they occasionally catch pedestrian incidents like this one. This St. Patrick’s Day reveller looks a little worse for wear as he staggers across the road, before getting floored by a pile of snow.

I get by with a little help from my friends

When this motorcyclist broke down in the middle of a highway in the US, instead of being greeted by angry drivers, a quick-thinking trucker protected the motorcyclist from any oncoming traffic and guided them safely to the hard shoulder.

Houston, we have a problem

While taking a nap at a truck stop, the owner of this dash cam caught a fellow trucker having a little trouble with his reverse parking. After hitting a few bumpers, the driver tries his luck entering the space cabin-first. Some say he’s still trying to park to this day…

Get a dash cam today

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