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Sat Nav Device or Mobile App - Which is Better?

By Snooper GPS
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Sat Nav Device or Mobile App - Which is Better?

Mobile app stores are brimming with an array of satellite navigation apps, many of which offer attractive features, but are they really as reliable as a dedicated sat nav device?

Both options have come a long way from the humble map, incorporating many impressive features, but there are still a number of differentiating factors.

We’ve compiled a list of the pros and cons to help you decide on the best and safest navigation option for you.

Avoid restrictive routes

Sat nav devices enable you to plan a route with your vehicle in mind. By inputting your vehicle dimensions into the device before you set off, you can avoid any potentially restrictive roads, tunnels or bridges that your vehicle might be too high, wide, or heavy for.

This is particularly helpful if you drive a caravan, for example, ensuring you reach your destination safely and efficiently. Doing so will also minimise any delays to your trip and maximise fuel efficiency.

Minimal disruption

While the need for having just one device is appealing to some, doubling up a phone as a sat nav can cause dangerous distractions.

While the driver is checking their phone for directions, they will continue to receive mobile notifications, which could significantly distract them from the task at hand. Remember, it is illegal to use your phone while driving, so it is wise to avoid any opportunity of doing so.

Better viewing

The range of sat navs on the market provides drivers with plenty of choice when deciding what device or model suits them, but as standard, sat nav screens tend to be bigger than those of mobile phones.

In recent years, screen types and resolution have become much more advanced, allowing drivers a much clearer view.

Power and signal loss

Using a smartphone as a sat nav will significantly drain its battery life and data allowance. Also, if a driver is relying on their smartphone for directions in a rural area, they may find themselves at a loss due to a lack of signal.

With a dedicated sat nav device, the driver can keep it charged while driving and benefit from pre-installed offline maps, giving them the peace of mind that they won’t lose connectivity, no matter where they are driving.

Smartphone satellite navigation is a sophisticated alternative to dedicated devices, but an app is probably more of a quick fix than a reliable piece of tech for a long journey.

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1 year ago
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