Keeping Entertained on a Long Journey

Monday, 30 July 2018 13:18:33 Europe/London

Whether you’re off on a caravanning holiday, travelling on a coach or train or making a long-haul flight, long journeys can often be hard to bear as your excitement for the time ahead makes the trip seem slow and tedious. But it doesn’t have to be. We share some ways to keep yourself and your travelling companions entertained while making a long journey.

Load up a smartphone or tablet

Smartphones or tablets are a great way of whittling away the hours on a long journey as they offer multiple options, including books, films and games. They’re also a great way of having a few moments of peace from entertaining your kids. In fact, according to Disney researchers, 80% of parents in the UK hand their child a smartphone or tablet to stop them getting bored on a long journey.

Apps such as Amazon Prime and Netflix will let you download programmes and films onto your phone or tablet for free, saving you precious data and keeping you sane when you’re in flight mode.

Bring a book

Having something to read on a long trip can make the time pass easier. Pack your favourite book or a couple of magazines, or give an activity or colouring book a go - they’re not just for children anymore.

Play a travel game

If you’re wanting to take a more traditional route to keeping entertained on a long journey, why not try a travel game? Classic board games like Connect Four, Battleship and Chess are still available in travel size. Or why not give a good old word game like I-Spy or 20 Questions a go.

Document your trip

Bring a camera with you and take lots of pictures of your journey. If you’re travelling with children, turn it into a game by giving them a list of things to take a picture of and provide a small prize when they get everything on the list.

Make frequent stops

If you’re planning a road trip, it might be worth seeing if there are any sights worth seeing on your journey and stopping off for a little break. As much as toilet breaks are necessary, it can stave off boredom and the grating “Are we there yet?” question being asked.

Make new friends

If you’re travelling alone on a coach or long-haul flight, break up the boredom by getting to know the person near you. Most people will want to talk but are nervous to as they think others won’t want to. Asking them where they’re from, where they’re going and what they’re looking forward to seeing when there are all great triggers.

Switch seats

Travelling in the same seat for a long time can add to boredom. If you can, why not switch places with others in your vehicle. Let your child sit up front with the driver for a little bit or join the children in the back to keep them entertained - it can also help to reduce neck strain from constantly turning around to them.

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