What is a Gatso Speed Camera?

Friday, 19 July 2013 11:14:16 Europe/London

Gatso Speed Camera

Possibly the most popular (Over 4,000 locations across the UK) and well known speed camera unit within the UK, Gatso originates from the Netherlands and created by Maurice Gastonides a former winner of a Monte Carlo Rally in 1953.

Gatso accounts for over 90% of all fixed speed detection cameras, using radar technology (radar type 24) Gatso can be found in many guises including fixed speed cameras, in-car mobile units (camera vans) on tripods and even from moving vehicles. They are rear facing cameras as to not blind oncoming motorists with the flash, Gatso cameras are not always visible until the very last second, when you could have already been spotted a couple of hundred yards away.

Gatso Speed Camera Road View 

Gatso cameras can determine what type of vehicle it is tracking and the speed it should be travelling i.e. Truck’s have a reduced speed limit on major roads and Gatsos take this into account.

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