The Best Entries From Our Driving Test Competition

Tuesday, 24 September 2013 14:49:47 Europe/London

Earlier this month, we asked Snooper's social media fans to submit their funniest, most creative and best ideas for new driving tests to make sure the new crop of drivers have got what it takes to navigate the UK's roads safely.

Here's our pick of the entries:

Joanne Thomas suggests a reverse obstacle course - sounds terrifying!

Ian Barnes makes a pretty practical suggestion. A simulated accident, and certainly some information about procedures following an accident, would probably be very useful.

From the practical to the ridiculous!

Cathy Creighton thinks a bit of fancy dress might lighten the mood!

Jacqueline Roberts wants to use the test to subject candidates to the woes of parenthood.

Ellie B reckons an iconic children's TV programme could hold the key to creating a more stringent test. 

Nicky Taylor suggests incorporating GTA style missions into the test. Don't know about you, but this worries us just a tad.

Victoria Easton thinks simulated weather conditions and fake animals will make the test a little more difficult. 

And the winner is...

Well done Cathy Creighton! We loved your suggestion of a Wacky Races style course. Not the most practical of suggestions, but it certainly made us chuckle!

You've won yourself a Snooper DVR-1 Vehicle Driving Recorder worth £179.99. We'll be in touch!

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