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Why You Should Be Using a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Unsure about whether you need a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) or not? We take you through an explanation of what a TPMS is and how you and your vehicle can benefit from owning one. 

2 years ago

What's Your Opinion on Smart Motorways? Survey Results

We conducted a survey to find out UK drivers' views on smart motorways and whether they agreed that £1.5 million proposed by the government should be spent on funding the project.  

2 years ago

What to do if you strike a bridge

This article explores the causes of bridge strikes and what to do if you hit a bridge! 

2 years ago

Trucks Hitting Bridges Becoming a National Problem

Snooper joins the 'wise up, size up' initiative set up by Network Rail to increase awareness of bridge strikes. 

2 years ago

Sat Nav Device or Mobile App - Which is Better?

Mobile app stores are brimming with an array of satellite navigation apps, many of which offer attractive features, but are they really as reliable as a dedicated sat nav device?

2 years ago

Revocation of Operator’s Licence for Lack of Nominated Transport Manager

In a decision, dated 4 May 2012, Langston’s Group (“Langston’s”), household and office removals specialists based in Wimbledon, has lost its appeal to the Upper Tribunal against the revocation of its Operator’s Licence by Deputy Traffic Commissioner for the South Eastern & Metropolitan Traffic Area, Miles Dorrington

2 years ago

Are All of Your LGVs and PCVs Insured or SORN’d?

Since 20 June 2011, it has been an offence to keep an uninsured vehicle (as well as to drive an uninsured vehicle).  The new rules mean that any vehicle in your fleet i.e. those in use and those not in use (even if they are parked off-road at the operating centre) must either be insured or declared to be the subject of a Statutory Off Road Notification (“SORN”).

2 years ago

How to prevent bridge strikes

With bridge strikes becoming an increasing problem in the UK, we share our advice so that bridge strikes can be prevented.

2 years ago
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