Caravans, motorhomes and your licence: What you need to know

Wednesday, 12 February 2020 11:41:23 Europe/London

If you tow a caravan or drive a motorhome, you’re likely aware of the sheer amount of information that relates to where, how and even whether you are legally allowed to drive it. Driving large vehicles and licencing is a mystery to many, made more complicated by changes to the law affecting road users based on when they passed their test.

Below we have explained the laws and what they mean for different licence holders. For more information on driving licence categories, see here.

If you passed your test before 1997:

  • You can drive a car [B] on a car licence
  • You can drive a car + trailer (trailer up to 3500kg) [BE] on a car licence
  • You can drive a van (upto 7500kg) [C1] on a car licence
  • You can drive a van + trailer (upto 8250kg MAM) [C1E] on a car licence
  • You can drive a Minibus [D1] on a car licence
  • You can drive a Minibus + trailer (trailer up to 3500kg) [BE] on a car licence

If you passed your test after 1997, the rules are much more strict:

  • You can drive a car [B] on a car licence
  • You can drive a car + trailer (up to 750kg) on a car licence

However, many older drivers are unaware that they will have to renew their licence every few years or risk losing those additional privileges.

If you’re approaching 70, and you still want to tow a caravan or drive your motorhome - act now! You’ll be expected to renew your licence at 70, and again every three years after that. Providing your details are up-to-date, the DVLA will send you a D46P application form 90 days before your 70th birthday. When completing the form, you will have to confirm that you meet the eyesight standards

There is, however, an additional complication at 70 if you want to continue driving your motorhome or caravan.

We don’t need to stress the importance of renewing your licence - you know that already - but if you passed your test before 1997, and renewed using the standard renewal procedure, you will lose your C1 entitlement and you will no longer be able to drive vans or motorhomes between 3,500kg and 7,500kg.

How do I keep my grandfather rights?

If you passed before 1997, you automatically have a grandfather right to a C1 entitlement. If you want to retain your C1 entitlement after renewing at 70, you will have to undertake a medical assessment. You will need to ask your GP to complete a medical report form D4, which your GP will charge for.

We suggest that you keep a copy of your old licence at its current entitlement when you renew, in case you lose any other entitlements with your new licence and need to prove previous entitlements.

To check what kinds of vehicles you can drive, view your driving licence information here. If you’re still unsure about whether you have the right licence or are concerned about renewing, it’s best for you to get in touch with the DVLA directly.

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