Best (and Worst) Footage Caught on a Dash Cam

Monday, 18 April 2016 14:36:06 Europe/London

We’ve all been there, we’re driving along the road and have witnessed something out of this world, wishing we would have recorded it for proof it actually happened. Whether it be a hilarious incident, a terrifying car crash, a police chase or just a bit of fun, a picture tells a thousand words - so having video evidence will always help to strengthen your story when reciting it in the pub.

There is no denying that dash cams have become a must-have for drivers in the 21st century, as these innovative gadgets can provide vital evidence in the event you are involved in an incident while on the road. But aside from that, these compact gadgets can capture those jaw-dropping moments that shouldn’t be missed. Yes, we know the ins and outs of your daily commute down the M62 might not make the most captivating viewing, but sometimes, just sometimes, you may see something unbelievable. Take a look below to watch examples of some of the most amazing footage caught on a dash cam.

Man tries his luck

Wow. Just wow. This footage from Russia shows one cheeky chappy throwing himself to the floor in one of the most elaborate displays we’ve seen for a while…

Stunning scenes

This clip shows the drive from Anchorage south to Girdwood in Alaska, USA. The road runs along the coastline with mountains the stunning peaks of mountains visible in the background. It’s something else - and definitely beats our daily commute.  

Taiwan plane crash

Possibly one of the most recognisable scenes caught on a dash cam, this clip hit headlines early last year showing the moment a TransAsia plane crashed into a Taiwan river, killing at least 23 people. The devastating footage is hard to watch, but judging by the landing, it’s a miracle more people were not hurt.

Terrifying tornado

Recorded on a police car in the US, the unbelievable clip shows an actual real-life twister in action. The car is seemingly just seconds away from hitting the epicentre of the storm, but like a scene from an action movie, it slowly starts to fade. Looks like a lucky escape.

High-speed chase

Another one from across the pond, this shocking footage shows the exact moment a driver loses control of their vehicle and flipping the SUV after they refused to pull over for the police. The motorist can later be seen being rushed to hospital in an ambulance.

A Taylor Swift fan?

Delaware police released this footage of Master Corporal Jeff Davis singing the impossibly catchy Shake It Off by Taylor Swift as he drives around town.

Get a dash cam today

OK, so this blog post was a bit of fun, but there are countless benefits to installing a dash cam, meaning you can enjoy lower insurance premiums and stay safer while on the road. Read more about the benefits of dash cams on our blog, or, take a look at our products here.


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