Our Favourite Entries from our Anti-Speeding Comp

Tuesday, 13 August 2013 09:46:28 Europe/London

We loved the suggestions that came in for our anti-speeding competition last month, particularly the winning entry from @co_durhamspurs on Twitter, otherwise known as Richard Foster. 

We've screengrabbed a few of our favourite Twitter entries and reproduced them below. 


We also had some fantastic suggestions via our Facebook tab. 

Bruce Young from Bangor, suggested: 'Warning on breaking the speed limit: That annoying chirp you get from a smoke alarm with a dead battery. Failure to slow down: Stereo starts playing Simon & Garfunkel's 59th Street Bridge song - "Slow down, you move too fast, you got to make the morning last... (except it's sung very badly by Des O'Connor) Failure to slow down to that: Deploy parachute.'

Meanwhile, Anthony Webster suggested: 'Money automatically coming out of your bank account shown on window screen head up view until you slow down.'

Mark Oakley suggested something that would definitely involve a pretty complex computer algorithm! 'A device that detects when you are speeding and uploads details of the offence to the persons Facebook timeline. It will also change your relationship status, declare undying love on their bosses account and email a resignation letter stating that it's impossible to focus on the job when they are around.'

But our winner from Facebook, Gary Wilson, had this pretty practical and quite ingenious suggestion: 'I think there should be a computer chip put into the speedo that keeps a log of all the times you go over speed limit and when you pull in to refuel your car you are charged a percentage extra on your fuel as a penalty. I think lessons are learnt harder and better when it hits the culprits' pockets and the monies gained from the penalties could fund the police,air ambulance etc..'

Thanks to everyone who entered. We had a great time reading through all the entries!

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