Truckmates 10 year Anniversary Celebrated by CV Driver

Friday, 22 September 2017 12:47:36 Europe/London

Truckmate Celebrates 10 Years As The Trucker’s True Friend

Truckmate 10 Year Anniversary

Snooper specialises in mobile GPS technology for automobile and outdoor use. 2017 marks the tenth anniversary of the launch of Truckmate, Snooper’s range of portable satellite navigation systems designed specifically for commercial and large vehicles. Snooper has been a pioneer in many of the markets in which it operates and while being the first manufacturer to offer truck specific routing, it is the continuous development of Truckmate that makes the brand the leader in this field.

Truckmate devices allow the user to input their vehicle’s attributes including height,weight, width and length, ensuring that they are routed on the most suitable roads, avoiding low bridges and other restrictions. 

“Using a sat-nav designed specifically for oversized vehicles is a key driver aid to reduce bridge strikes”

Truckmate Hazards

Philip Jones, sales and marketing director for Snooper, commented: “There are typically five bridge strikes per day in the UK according to Network Rail, leading to delays and inconvenience that ultimately can cost many hundreds of thousands of pounds in repairs and compensation. “Using a sat-nav designed specifically for oversized vehicles is a key driver aid to reduce these incidents.”

Snooper developed its unique Truckmate software in partnership with mapping companies, fleet operators and HGV manufacturers, as well as drivers, and has honed the routing algorithm over many thousands of miles, adding new legislating factors, including the London night-time ban, emission restrictions and load codes.

The current line-up includes screen sizes from 4.3in to 7in, optional tyre pressure monitoring and the latest extended European street level mapping with free updates.

Philip added: “Truckmate incorporates many features designed to assist professional drivers, including a vast selection of user customisable POIs from SNAP account, AdBlue, KeyFuels and many more.

“Guide your vehicle safely avoiding low bridges, weight and width restrictions, plus many more hazards right across Europe with Truckmate.”

New Products are lauched to help celebrate this occassion. The S6810 & S8110 Models both with 7" Screen, lifetime mapping & traffic, Bluetooth and Tyre pilot compatibility. 

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