Thinking of Buying a Dash Cam?

Monday, 13 August 2018 13:12:01 Europe/London

Thinking of Buying a Dash Cam? Why wait until the horse has bolted?! Here are our 5 key reasons for getting protected now.


1. Providing valuable evidence

Accidents can happen quickly, and the stress they cause can mean your memories of them are often cloudy. It is common for your account of an incident to be different from that of the other driver, which can cause problems further down the line. However, with a dash cam, the facts are simply recorded and can be replayed to determine who is telling the truth.

2. Monitoring the road ahead

Similarly, having a dash cam means you can report any dangerous behaviour displayed by fellow road users. Unfortunately, witnessing unsafe driving from other motorists is a regular occurrence for many of us, but dash cams can help to notify the authorities of bad and dangerous drivers to take preventative action to reduce the chances of an accident.

3. Protecting your vehicle

Quite often, accidents can take place while your car is parked and you were not present, which makes claiming on your insurance a near impossibility. However, dash cams can keep your vehicle protected if they are equipped with ‘parking mode’ technology. Thanks to this feature, you may be able to capture the registration details of the offending vehicle if your car is hit when you are not present.

4. Keeping insurance premiums in check

Unfortunately, there are some drivers who will intentionally attempt to cause a minor accident in order to gain an insurance settlement - and it is these false claims, or ‘crash for cash’ cases, which have led to skyrocketing insurance premiums for many. False claims and faked injuries can cost thousands of pounds, but having a dash cam can help to protect motorists against fraud, and ensure you do not pay when you are not to blame.

5. Recording in-car driver activity

Dash cams are not only useful for recording the behaviour of other motorists, but can be used to monitor the behaviour of those behind the wheel of your car too. Parents of teenagers who are recently qualified could feel reassured by the knowledge that they can keep an eye on a new driver, while business owners managing a fleet of vehicles can make sure their employees are displaying good habits while on the road.

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