Louise Cook Podium Finish in Italy

Tuesday, 12 June 2018 10:07:40 Europe/London

A quick round up of Rally Sardinia where we managed to secure a podium in our WRC3 championship.


•    Had to make a last minute change to a different car to the 208 R2

•    Only a short 30 km test in the car before the rally, not confident, such a different chassis

•    The recce car broke down on the recce so missed stages

•    Padding in base of seat to lift driver to see deemed not to be allowed at scrutineering so difficult to see on the rally

•    The first full day was crazy rough managed the pace and save the car

•    2nd loop on the full day a massive thunderstorm broke out and made the stages treacherous on the narrow tracks

•    3rd leg the stages wider allowing chance to get used to the car more

•    2nd stage caught the car in front with a 2 minute gap

•    2nd loop of leg 3 had a hard landing, worrying about the car lasting

•    Coiluna, favourite stage the one Louise broke collar bone on and driveshaft in 2012

•    Last day, lots of noises in the car, a 15 minute gap to 4th tried to get it to the finish

•    Finish 3rd in RC4 class and WRC3

•    8 x 3rd fastest times


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Stephen Gill