Truckmate is a branch of Snooper’s navigation system range, which is sold and manufactured by Performance Products Ltd and provides the latest route information to truck and HGV drivers. The Truckmate name is well known and respected within the trucking community and has a reputation for providing the best large vehicle navigation systems throughout the UK and Europe.

Producers of the first truck-specific satellite navigation device in 2007, Truckmate revolutionised the market by allowing drivers to input the dimensions of a truck, van or other large vehicle in order to receive a safe and efficient route along appropriate roads suitable for its size and weight, saving time, money and stress.

The Truckmate series provides drivers with the necessities to get the job done well - clear and concise instructions, large display and easy-to-use functions. Each device comes with free lifetime map updates to ensure drivers are given the latest information on routes and points of interest, including truck stops, fuel pumps, eateries and much more.

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