About Snooper®

Snooper® specialises in mobile GPS technology for Automobile and Outdoor use. From our creation in 1979, we have pioneered the development of speed camera detector systems and now we're at the forefront of GPS navigation technology, on-board cameras and tyre pressure monitoring systems throughout the UK and Europe.

At Snooper®, we strive to continually develop unique and market leading products including dash cameras, GPS navigation solutions and by working closely with our customers and industry experts, we have developed award winning brands including Truckmate™, Ventura™, Snooper DVR and Portable Power, that are designed to deliver the highest performance possible.

Our Truckmate™ and Ventura™ brands were one of the first to offer dedicated navigation systems specifically designed for larger vehicles including Trucks, Commercial Fleets, Caravans and Motorhomes. Our satellite navigation systems combine the latest street level mapping from Here® Maps for Life and our award winning speed camera detector technology Aura™ to offer a service you can depend on.

With our innovative approach to automotive consumer electronics, we are continually developing cutting edge products, aiding driver safety from speed camera detectors, on-board safety cameras and tyre pressure monitoring systems.

We are owned by Cobra® Electronics EMEA, the European, Middle East and African arm of the global Cobra® Electronics corporation, a leading global designer and marketer of mobile communication and automotive consumer electronics in the United States, Canada, Europe and around the World. For more information on Cobra® please visit www.cobra.com